Daily Inspirations no. 268

Not sure if you guys noticed, yesterday we added one more inspiration that will be part of our inspirational series called Free font. We thought something like that could be very useful for us designers .. as cool fonts are always welcome, right? Well, as this was not enough .. today my colleagues added 2 more features - cool logo design and interesting design article. Seems, for some time we’ll be publishing 36 creative inspirations .. instead of 33 as you were used to. Enjoy it .. plenty of cool stuff today .).


Crystal Renn by Sebastian Kim

Photo by Bragi J. Ingibergsson

Graphis/CULTURE Magazine by Hyuna Shin

Boy by Michael Paul Young

Deadly Diver by Matt Stetson

KseniaTsII by Daria Zaytseva

Giants… by alisdair miller


Illustration by Lisa Haney

Me in Wonderland by Grzegorz Rutkowski

The Fire by rado javor

Artwork by Mateusz Kolek

Vodacom by Infographic

LoveFraise by Konstantin Shalev

3d Arts

Ghostbusters 3D Characters by Fabrizio Fioretti

King-of-death_final by Tuckerman

Art and Digital Art

Illustration by Soleil Ignacio

Hand Drawing Caricature by Motohiro Nezu

Artwork by Daniel Levanon

MALARIA NO MORE by barton damer

Le illusioni by Tom French


Jelly type experiment by Simon Ålander

Vector life by Wais

Galão by Diogo Louro

Cool logo design

The Guru by Simon Frouws


Döhler Têxtil: Safari by D/Araújo Comunicação

Transatlantica Viajes y Turismo: The world as a gift by Ellecktra, Rosario

OHL Highway Concessions: Roll by Kastner & Partners


Grace Hotel, Santorini Islands by Unknown

House by Fran Silvestre Architects


The Part by Eunha Seo, Junse Kim & Yonggu Do

Sling Shot Camera by Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim


PS Brushes

Interesting Article

Created Equal… Photographer Mark Laita


In The Round : A Set of 13 Circular Vectors by arbent

Download Vectors

Free Font



On Assignment by Camp 4 Collective


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