Daily Inspirations no. 267

When going through today’s inspirations … the very first photo that had my attention are the monkeys by Yukihiro Fukuda. Obviously the photographer was quite entertaining. Speaking for myself … I wouldn’t feel too comfortable around that many monkeys .. you never know what they are up to :). Got to cut the joking … let’s move on. If you’re into illustrations, I do really like the lady by Ludovic Jacqz. One would think the other one below is done by the same artist … but no, Papaninja can handle similar style the same perfect way. Good job guys … like both of them. In the art and digital art section check the devil painting by Sara Tyson .. love the style. If we’ll go further, there are some magnificent advertising and architecture pieces as well. That’s should be enough for the intro …. go and get your 34 inspirations. Enjoy!


Anihuman Elephant 555 by Lennette Newell

Mothers Rose by Brock Elbank

Circumstance by BJ + Richeille Formento

Black Swan by Anton Perebejnos

Monochromatic Alps by Jakub Polomski

Kenya by Jonathan May

Photo by Yukihiro Fukuda


Illustration by Jonas Bergstrand

Illustration by Ludovic Jacqz

Military Bambi by papaninja

El Zombo has a Smoking Break by cannibalcandy

Watch Your Step by Ertaç Altınöz

Posters for my first exhibition by sebastien CUYPERS

3d Arts

Artwork by Ahmed AL Barazengi

Beggars Chicken by Daniel Arnold-Mist

Art and Digital Art

Pencil Art by T. S. Abe

Illustration by Sara Tyson

Vector Art by Nicola Felaco

Water Dragon by André Castro

Sickle in the Haystack by Damien M.


2011 by Andrea Wirth

Duluth – album artwork by Simon Ålander

Vector life by Wais


Döhler Têxtil: Cupid by D/Araújo Comunicação

OUÏ FM: Dunkerque by Leg agency

RATP: Sloth by Publicis Conseil


Plumb Pendants by Peter Pierobon

Hilltop Compound by Landry Design Group


bodor audio by Ágnes Simonfalvi

Tanning Printer by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee & Yonggu Do


Image * After


5 Dirty Vintage Paper Brushes by Dustin Schmieding

Download Brushes

Free font



The Arctic Light by TSO Photography


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