Handmade Fonts

I have to say, fonts are my hobby. Discovered my love for fonts long time ago. Fonts evolve from day to day … also that’s why I am looking around the web for new creative pieces quite frequently. This article is not exactly about fonts you may use in your creative artworks … it’s about handmade typography. Today we’ll show you the creativity has simply no boundaries. Just check the pictures below … how about some typography cookies … or meat number 5 :). Well, this is certainly something you won’t see every day.

Quill-phabets by Shashank Nimkar

Hands Alphabet by Chris Tomaszewski

Gusto Gusto! by MaricorMaricar

CRAFT WORK by Crono Le

Hand-made typography by Ruta Kordowska

West Coast Cook Book by Lauren Hom

Globe Booklet by Esther Stoffer

PANINO typeface by elisabetta cecutti

Dimensional Folding by Steven Robertson

Alba by Luis Domingo

THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED… by Anastacia Dutova

Diary Type 03 by Vladimir Koncar

Diary Type 01 by Vladimir Koncar

Diary Type 02 by Vladimir Koncar

Tapeography by Ersinhan Ersin

Logos part 2 by Ah&Oh Studio

Happy New… Norwegian HNY by 5ive

Corrado Mattresses by Happycentro

Elastic Font by Jenny Kyvik Hutchens

5ive RAW IDENTITY by 5ive

I Want Candy Experimental Typography 2009 by Samuel Carter Mensah

LOS LOGOS BISCUITOS (Cookies rule) by 5ive

Hand-Made Font and postcard project by Modular

plasticine typo by YLLV . Karol Gadzala

Handjobs in South Africa – Tangible typography by Jedd Luke McNeilage

I’m most productive in the morning by Steve Haslip

Holiday ’08 Self Promo by Miguel Vega

Photopolymer Pamphlet Project by Allison Wilton

Hand-created Typography by Jessica Royals


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