Daily Inspirations no. 252

Today we are posting our inspirational sets a bit later than usually … but better than never :). Again, there are plenty of cool artworks ranging from photography to architecture. There is something for everyone who is thirsty for something new and unseen. Enjoy!


Photo by Qin YongJun

Photo by Karolina Miadowicz

Photo by Jakub Polomski


Vampire XV by Amélie Hutt

Xenon by Del Melchionda

Brume by Melanie Delon

The god of doom by ZEZ zhaoenzhe

Wolverine X-MEN by Dimitri Patelis

3d Arts

La chiave di Volta by Daniele Scerra

Living Together by Iker Cortázar

Day’s End by Neil Blevins

Art and Digital Art

Red Sweat by StudioKxx Krzysztof Domaradzki

Loved to Death by Liza Corbett

Artwork by Nicole Guice

Artwork by Alfonso Pardo Martinez

Artwork by Wojciech Pijecki

Artwork by Dmitry Ligay

Artwork by Alice X.Zhang


Lemniscate by Rosy Gorolova

Rock & Roll Pig Roast Poster by Zack Anderson

Save the Nature by Marcelo Schultz

33 happiness by Alexandr Grebenkin


Gerardo Bastos: Parking by Slogan

Museum of Communism: Keeping Communism Alive, Fidel by Y&R

Eqdom: Shoe by Klem Euro RSCG


VDVT House by Boetzkes | Helder

contemporary house by Claesson Koivisto Rune


Hemera by Eterniti

C-X16 by Jaguar




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Intel Fashion show | Intro loop by Danil Krivoruchko


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