Freebies from Daily Inspirations no. 1 – 20

Freebies from Daily Inspirations no. 1 – 20

Every designer needs two fundamental things for his work: an idea, which is often called inspiration, and an instrument or a material to turn that idea into some physical real-life object: a sculpture, a picture, an illustration, etc. While inspiration is often universal, instruments and materials are usually very specific and refer to particular field of art or design work. Our major interest, as the online magazine, is about digital forms of art, such as web design, digital art, typography, and video. Thus, the tools here are also of digital nature: fonts, digital shapes and brushes, stock images, templates, themes, etc. Offering both inspiration and freebies to its readers, Cruzine builds kind of full support environment for digital designers and artists – environment, where inspiration is shared as well as useful tools and resources are distributed for free.

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