Daily Inspirations no. 245

Relations between a man and a woman have always been a bottomless source of inspiration for artists of all kinds: photographers and painters have always found it challenging to depict the beauty as well as emotions and the inner world of a person; motion pictures illustrators and video designers have always tried to recognize the patterns of such relations and show human behavior is some simplified yet very prominent and meaningful way. We have included one of the videos called “Chick”, focused at the theme of relations between a man and a woman, into our today’s set of inspirations. Hopefully, our readers will enjoy this adult-type cartoon and recognize both the aesthetic component of the design project as well as the philosophic message, communicated by the video sequence mentioned.


Montenegro by Lukasz Pecak

Adidas Dunk by Stan Musilek

Olympikus by Claudio Meneghetti

Pier by Claudio Meneghetti

By The Snow by Federico Modica

Milky Way by Seb Michel


The Final Hit- Illustration for Soshiant video game poster by Soheil Danesh

Life and Death by Viktor Titov

doomed! by Bruno Werneck

Animals are kewl ! by georges le mercenaire

Editorial Illustrations 2 by Tuomas Ikonen

EDITORIAL by Jason Seiler

3d Arts

the Germ by Pete Sussi

Confrontation by Eoin Rogan

Art and Digital Art

Morbid Excess by May Lim

ALTERED by Rogier de Boevé

Pochoirs by MURMURE

design work ’10 by Jessamyn Patterson

PORTRAITS: Rolling Stone, LA Weekly….. by Jacqui Oakley

SOUL ART by Rudy Gutierrez


If We Don’t Care, Who Will? by Charles Williams

Coca Cola Sambódromo by Thiago Storino

oodles of noodles by Pedro Mari


Dahon: IOS by Bates141

Tulipan Condoms: Puppies, Sand Castle by Young & Rubicam

Yamaha: Giraffe by Smart


Kingdom Tower: The World’s Tallest Building by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

Le Mannequin – Tokyo Fashion Museum by Cre8 Architecture


four-door sports sedan concept by Kia

SLK 250 CDI by Mercedes-Benz




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CHICK by Mayki


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