Vintage Ads

Drinks, snacks, cars, fashion – throughout the industrial era the objects for market promotion and popularization via advertising have not changed greatly. However, what has actually changed is the way those objects are advertised today and how they were advertised yesterday. Vintage advertising is the theme of this design showcase at Cruzine magazine. Please, scroll down the page to see more designs of vintage ads, dating back a couple of decades and featuring 7Up, Buick, Peppermint, Mars, Delta Air Lines, and other brands pretty much well known to a modern customer as well.

Comparing vintage ads with their modern successors, it should be noted that it is no way better or worse, it is just different, because it reflects the particular time period with its unique philosophy, ethics and aesthetics. Vintage ads, as those displayed below, have distinct links with the time they belong to. That is why they may look a little strange to a modern man, but, actually, they still attract our attention with their simple designs, easy-to-understand concepts, and direct messages. With this vintage ads showcase we welcome you to enjoy the charm of the old graphics, authenticity of the illustrations, simple fonts, and pioneering ad texts.

All-Family Drink

Reklame VW Golf GTI (1983)

Baby Food Hell

1968 Chrysler 300 2 door hardtop

Slack Power

c. 1949 … 2 TWA stews!

… extra hands

vintage Mars bar ad

7up Ad

So refreshing

Prized possession

1957 Formica Ad – Vanitory

Ray Bans

Buick-1948 ushers

No Pot-Watching…

1968 Chevrolet Suburban

Let’s All Pretend We’re Mannequins!

1970 Holden Torana GTR-X Concept Car

Tenderoni ad

Maureen 50

Kelvinator FOODARAMA ad, 1955

Mother & Daughter 1952

Burned Dinner (Again) 1951

1973 Pontiac Grand Am Colonnade Coupe


Flight Delays Are Inevitable (1940′s)

1957 – Ouch!

… Nash Metropolitan

Many mini colors

Motorola TV Ad 1951

Cellophane ad

1970 Pontiac Tempest Coupe

BBQ Family 1952

Dude into Stud ad

Light bulb

1962 Dodge Lancer 770 Wagon

Canada Dry Ginger Ale ad, 1930s

Einstein Mentos ad


Takes the “ouch” out of grouch.

Now Take Your Medicine


Vintage Pepsi Ad

Pepsi Christmas Ad

Sugar Free Sprite

… a lot of stewardessssss

1940s FLEER chewing gum vintage illustration advertisement

The Seal of Purity Makes Each Package of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum a Perfect Humidor,” 1914


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