Vintage Ads

Vintage Ads

Drinks, snacks, cars, fashion – throughout the industrial era the objects for market promotion and popularization via advertising have not changed greatly. However, what has actually changed is the way those objects are advertised today and how they were advertised yesterday. Vintage advertising is the theme of this design showcase at Cruzine magazine. Please, scroll down the page to see more designs of vintage ads, dating back a couple of decades and featuring 7Up, Buick, Peppermint, Mars, Delta Air Lines, and other brands pretty much well known to a modern customer as well.

Comparing vintage ads with their modern successors, it should be noted that it is no way better or worse, it is just different, because it reflects the particular time period with its unique philosophy, ethics and aesthetics. Vintage ads, as those displayed below, have distinct links with the time they belong to. That is why they may look a little strange to a modern man, but, actually, they still attract our attention with their simple designs, easy-to-understand concepts, and direct messages. With this vintage ads showcase we welcome you to enjoy the charm of the old graphics, authenticity of the illustrations, simple fonts, and pioneering ad texts.

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