Daily Inspirations no. 243

When an artist sees a chipping wall of a shabby old house, a piece of rock in the middle of the ocean, or just a girl, running in the field, he perceives the reality in a bit specific way, which differs from the perception of an average man. Actually, an artist is capable to see a bit more than just a reality – his imagination and abstract thinking help him to see the rich and bright history such an old house have witnessed, an eternal struggle between such elements as rock and water, or the ultimate genius and the wisdom of the humans’ Creator. Photographers and painters, definitely, belong to such kind of artists. Their skill to recognize the art in the most usual and unusual places is unique, and their works are always full of inspiration for other artists and true artistic value for satisfying the tastes and demands of the general audience.


Yoink by John Fulton

Balls Pyramid by Hatty Gottschalk

Verve 1 by Umeed Mistry

Cheveux by Caesar Lima

Six D by John Wright

G by Robin Cerutti

Runner by Ryan Edy


Cuisine by Sergio Filho

Daimon War_Poster1 by Li jun

Seraphim : Carpe Noctem – Cover illustration by Oliver Wetter

3d Arts

Insurance monster by Ian Joyner

SUGAR by Marcelo Palimok

Art and Digital Art

LOWMUTE_00000 by Ismael Fino

Recent by Amando Rosales Gonzalez

Project – Agustus Nebula by Glenn Clovis

Turkey 2010 Basketball World Championship by Charis Tsevis

Flood by Peddy Clarissa

Cities by Atelier Olschinsky

Cities by Atelier Olschinsky

Artwork by Louis Treserras


Moral Fibers by Chaz Rini

Trapped Under Ice by Norik

Greenville, South Carolina June 1920a1 by Paul K


Axxis: Excavator by Traffic

Bombril Fort: Beach by DPZ Propaganda

Acerca: Mini Me, Hungry Boy by Giovanni+Draft FCB


Serlachius Museum Extension by PinkCloud Studio + Eero Lunden Architects

UP by We Designs


Concept Motorcycle Stretches by Hyundai

Edna by Vuk Jakovljevic, Marko Doblanovic, Szilveszter Buzasi & Bernhard Ranner




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