Daily Inspirations no. 242

“You’ve got to learn to love the world you’re living in”, sing the famous rockers Bon Jovi, and we, Cruzine magazine team, keep up helping you in this sometimes quite challenging task. We do our best to show you how many interesting, fascinating, and beautiful things there are around us. Our daily inspirational sets, consisting of multiple categories, are perhaps the most vivid means of depicting our multifaceted world. Of course, these images are the artistic works, thus, they may depict the trivial things from an unexpected angle, sometimes too grotesque, sometimes too exaggerated, and always through the prism of the artistic kaleidoscope. And here is where your interaction with our online magazine begins: you are offered the opportunity to define where the images are realistic and where they are the results of pure art; where they are presented “as is” and where they are creatively either beautified or stripped of all their decorations. Take your chance to play this game, and be sure: you can’t lose here!


New Zealand by Tom Blachford

Photography & Digital Imaging by JeRoen Murré

B & W by Romesh Dhamija

AUTOMOTIVE by Cesare De Giglio

Wedding Wows! by Cesare De Giglio

devon rex by Kasia Bielska

On Air by Julien Cozzolino


Hardcore by Marek Okon

H.E.R.O. by Sergio Filho

Twins by HAITAO SU

3d Arts

Insurance Monster by Ian Joyner

Two Oxens Sauna by Sergio Filho

ketchup monster by Marcelo Palimok

Art and Digital Art

Provocative Painting by Viktor Sheleg

AMPERSAND “&” by Marcelo Schultz

The Dark Knight Rises by Warner Bros

Digital Paintings Collection by Parker Gibson

Ash cloud by Anton Semenov

Colors by Ferdi Rizkiyanto

Fishing Toys by Sol Caldaratty


Typcut Experiment by Aeiko

I lost by Nate Coonrod

Jamaican Sounds by Chaz Rini


Fluff & Stuff Cookies: Vanilla by Grey

Prague 7 Municipality: For clean parks, 3 by Kitchen

Corbis: Animals by Leo Burnett


Nest Chair by Anders Backe

X-1 carbon fiber lounge chair by Carbon Fiber Gear


MSTV by Samsung

Inkblot Inspired E-Ink Watch by Samuel Jerichow




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