Bus Stop Advertising – Being Closer to People

In order to be efficient the advertising needs to be as close to the target audience as possible. That is why it enters our homes through television and awaits us everywhere on the streets. Bus stops have always been valuable media for commercial and social advertising: there are always people around bus stops and those, waiting for a bus to arrive, usually have some time to scrutinize the advertising displayed. Sometimes, bus stop advertising inspires “street artists”, who do not lose the opportunity to amend the project with their own inscriptions or graphics to demonstrate their own philosophy, ethics, or sense of humor, but this is another story, of course…

Advertising itself is as creative today as it has never been before. It is approaching art in many aspects, including unique concepts and attractive artful designs. So we decided to show you some examples of really interesting bus stop advertising. Below you will find a variety of bus stop advertising, from common and omnipresent Coca-Cola and iPod ads to examples of social advertising, addressing anorexia, or calling passengers to remember about their human origin. By the way, in many situations it is the complementing street art, interesting location, or unusual coincidences rather than bus stop advertising itself that make it look really interesting, attractive, and amusing…

BostonBotorNot by fotosqrrl

Rant at a Bus Stop by Tim Boddy

chloe by Paul Birman

Anti-Olympic Street Art 04 by Insurgent Photography

Shadow over shadow by Ramiro Suárez

Eating Disorder Awareness Ad on Bus Stop = Appetizing by David Lytle

fun at the bus stop by Carlos Quandt

Hitman by Julien CAIETTI

vuvuzela dreaming by ion-bogdan dumitrescu

Sueños de Barro/Clay Dreams by Joe Lomas

NRW, Germany by David Crausby

Photo by Nico Scagliarini

Sit on Borat by Marc Phu

Chips by The Other Dan

Photo by Hughes Léglise-Bataille

The Commercial Phantom by Gilderic

Nope, I ain’t lookin’ by Nathan Kendall

Sons Of Anarchy by Milo Baumgartner

Bus stop by Aldo Rafael Altamirano

Public Enemy 2010 by Jay Black

District 9 Bus Stop by kwazy

OOO by Rob Bernhard

GVB by rasenkantenstein

urban cowboy by juditny


Harlem Stripped Bare by Poster Boy

sophisticated transit stop in chicago. by clarkmaxwell

Glasses by Frank Taillandier

Subtle Swedish Ad by Steve Jurvetson

Owl only by Octoferret

…be punctual by maybemaq

Bus Stop by Sérvulo Torres

Daffy’s semi-nude bus stop ad, near Union Square – New York Snowstorm Blizzard 2010 by Dan Nguyen

“Smoking is bad for your health”. What about being homeless? by John D. Carnessiotis

Exchanging Looks / Regards Croisés by Yann Le Biannic

Even Jedi Grow Old… (NYC, March 2008) by Hernan Hernandez

Photo by Karina Brys

The Bus Stop is Laughing At You by Karon Flage

RecycleMe dot Org Heart Ad by Scott Snider

Photo by Stephen Zacharias

Advertising what ?? by Surinder Midha

bankin by Tian Jiang

free love your hair – Dar es Salaam by Maciej Dakowicz

Mind that bus, Billy! by Norman Craig

enjoy winning by thomask

Ramazanda coca cola reklami by basakina

The Ad Man by Stefan Jansson


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