Body Painting as a Way to Express Yourself

There are several particular forms of human art activity, the public opinion towards which varies from complete rejection and denial to appreciation and high appraisal of their esthetic values. To such subcultures, marginal, or alternative arts one can refer graffiti, hip hop, break dancing, and body painting among other forms of pop art and culture. The latter (body painting) is the theme of the today’s featured showcase at Cruzine, a design magazine on the Web. So, we now welcome our readers to witness and enjoy the specific yet fine understanding of aesthetics and real talent of body painters as well as bravery and art passion of people, who choose to turn their bodies into temporary yet very bright and expressive live canvases.

Body painting has been known to people since ancient times, being practiced in many tribal cultures for religious, hunting, or military purposes. Today it still remains popular and widely spread even if not clearly identified as a form of body painting art. Today there are more examples and fields of application for body painting than one may imagine, varying from common make-up, used by women on the regular basis, to face painting used by militaries as part of the camouflage, and to body painting, used by people during festivals, multiple trade and entertainment fairs, sports or even political events. In order to show you all the diversity of body painting we have prepared the following collection of pictures, revealing all the beauty, individuality, and peculiarity of body painting art.

Bodies of Work : Series 3 by BRIAN CUMMINGS

Body Painting by Tim Engle

The Circus by Maciej Pestka

Closing by Nydia Lilian

Extraordinary Beauty by Ausra Osipaviciute

Queen of spades by Natalia Stahl

Four by Daniel Regan

Euphoria of colours by Ausra Osipaviciute

Face/Color by Sanja Šajatović


The BodyArt Project by Tamara Miss-uh Hadeed

Exposure: Skin Deep by Justin Mitchell

Green Lantern by Florencia Tucci

Unk – Black Session by Isaora Le Jeannic

MYSTiQUe by Araina Nespiak

the project island by hussein shaaban


Floral Nymph by Mariam Sitchinava

Seen as an Object by Marta Molina Gomez

Klaus Kinski Skellington Horse by Alex Gould

Phenocromia y sus inicios by KATHERINE GONZALEZ

Body painting by Caesar Lima

Body painting by Miriam Rapado

Sylvia. White album. by Miquy Donge

Day 38/365 – New Skin by emyah

Mother Sea by Allison Newbold

325….who’s next by Kristene

Papua New Guinea red face – Mount Hagen by Eric Lafforgue

Papua New Guinea Huli wigman tribe by Eric Lafforgue

Mursi kids by Ingetje Tadros

Surma boy with make up in Kibish area – Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Surma boy with plants and fruits decoration – Kibish Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

The real thing…? by carf

Dani Jazzar by Tomitheos

Power Painted by Tomitheos

Day seventy five – la Catrina by Monkey Wings

The Birds by Omri Suissa


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