Daily Inspirations no. 237

Watching daily inspirational sets at Cruzine you may feel like coming home: it’s always warm and cozy here and the inspirational gallery is present at all times being actually the very first thing to welcome you to the pages of our online magazine. The set of artful images is something that is usual and stable, but you will never get bored with it: it is as diverse as the nature around us, as uncommon as a human mind, and as pure as the driven snow. So, take a look at our today photos, illustrations, digital images, advertizing and architectural designs – and feel at home!


Photo by Carlo Calope

Photo by Steve Gschmeissner

Photo by Julia Fullerton-Batten

Beauty by Carsten Witte

Africa portrait by José Ferreira

Portraits by Tomek Jankowski

Photo by Igor Oussenko


Artwork by Nata Metlukh

Artwork by Enkel Dika

Artwork by Guo Jian

Artwork by Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

3d Arts

Characters’ Totems by Cesc Grané

Digital art by Jon Bailey

3d characters by Damien Canderle

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Liu Maoshan

Artwork by Silvia Pelissero

Artwork by Akatre Atelier

Artwork by Saddo

Artwork by Sara Blake

Artwork by Rodrigo Braga


Typography by Jordan Metcalf

Typography by José Azevedo

Typography by Maricor Maricar


UnionPay: Travel by Raynet-Ogilvy

Gandhi Bookstores: Alice by Ogilvy & Mather

Protex: Wrapped Dog by Advantage Y&R


Interior design by Vasiliy Butenko

The Prospect House by Jonathan Segal


P220 by LG

Evora S by Lotus




Furvious by kreativethemes

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Above The Dust by Leo Zuckerman


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