Animals Illustrations – the Passage to the Childhood

Animals Illustrations – the Passage to the Childhood

Being children, we have all made our way to the adult world through learning, and much of the process of learning was performed by perceiving visual images: illustrations in the children books, cartoons, etc. Very often, if not always, the key characters of the fairy tales and cartoons were animals, right? So, Cruzine offers today a collection of such animals illustrations, which you may treat in the way you like: either as a grown-up and in this case you will pay attention to the particular illustrating techniques and concepts of images, or as a child and, if so, you will simply enjoy the bright colors on the pictures and funny faces of the animals featured.

In the below presented gallery you will find a variety of animals illustrations: from a funny cartoon-like pictures of frogs, elephants, monkeys, and rabbits to more “adult-type” illustrations, featuring an owl a la Wild West, a phantasmagoric lion, or an angry ape… The common feature of all these animals illustrations are distinctly shown and easily perceived emotions as well as true talent of the illustrators, who created such amazing pictures. We hope that you will enjoy this gallery of illustrations with animals and it will add some positive emotions and inspiration, so much anticipated by creative people: artists, designers, and simply fans of illustrations.

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