Tender Feeling of Romance in Photography

Though it is not St.Valentine’s Day around, we have decided to create some romantic atmosphere at Cruzine magazine and to share with all our readers some of the most delicate, tender, and warm emotions usually associated with romance. Romantic photos represent an interesting aspect of photography art, and human relations, of course. Though the theme itself is pretty much common, photographers do their best and continue to explore some new visual representations of romance, playing with colors and symbols, most commonly associated with romance: flowers, hearts, chocolate, wedding dresses, etc.

We welcome here all those, who are in love, for it is the showcase of romantic photographs and romance and love are often synonyms. Human culture knows thousands if not millions of poems and songs, glorifying romance. But the amount of graphical hymns to love and romance is also impressive. Now we want to show you only a small fraction of the art wealth, devoted to romance. Here we have some of the photographic pictures, we found over the Internet, which feature romance and illustrate “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love,” as romance itself is defined by the Oxford Dictionary.

Sometimes, Someone by Andreea Nicola

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. (Explore) by Steven Brisson

Waiting for … by Manuel Orero

Romantic Mood. by Julia Davila “Chaulafanita”

Photo by Daniel Stark

love by Joanna Blusiewicz

352 | let’s dance by Matilde Berk

ella and biboy by anne acaso

Stars In My Eyes by {peace&love♥}

Photo by Mohamed Muha

Wedding in Heaven by Mohamed Azmeel

segredos guardados de um carrocha.. by joao almeida

Pascal & Virginie |Do not fly away, my love ! {explored} by Dominik Fusina

eskimo kisses by Rosie Hardy

Photo by maren kathleen

True love by Erik J.

romance by Dana Ashton France

Romantic and refreshing jump! by Ben Thé Man

Endless love by Ali Nishan

All the things I haven’t done – Paranoic by Giuseppe Bognanni

Heart by Dragan Todorovic

I was old before I learned to be young by Anna Theodora

I love my chris :) by Emillie Ferris

Wedding / Trouwreportage / Bruiloft by siebe ©

A Proposal from the Heart by Jon in Knoxville

I’ll Take You Down The Only Road I’ve Ever Been Down. by Amanda♫

Love is…… by Darryn Santich

Dutch Beach by siebe ©

pair by C. Mariani

The Forest by Michelle D

Polarizing Heart by darin11111

Light-hearted by WisDoc

Call me! by Julia Davila

A Rose for Sophie by Kellene Giloff

So this is love : ) by Denise Bovee


Love Shines by Dragan Todorovic

Photo by Rosie Hardy

Photo by Emillie Ferris

Photo by Rosie Hardy

Whitney ~ Wedding Pre Game by CT Pham

91 by Savannah Jane

Summer rain by Duc De Salier

Hot by Elton Varela

Rita Cardoso & André Ratão by Elton Varela

Bride by Svetlana Iakusheva

Apple girl by Svetlana Iakusheva

Where wild roses grow by Artem Popkov


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