Daily Inspirations no. 235

There is an old wisdom, saying that inspiration usually comes during work rather than before it. OK, then let us treat reading Cruzine magazine as part of your work, because we really want each of our posts, whether it is a daily inspirational set or a featured showcase, to become a source of inspiration for our readers. Another wisdom adds even more fuel: “Inspiration exists but it has to find us working.” So, following the logic of those wisdoms it looks like an artist or anyone, who needs inspiration, needs to start working and the inspiration will soon appear. Actually, we have already tried this method and we should say that it works in most of situations. How about you? Does the inspiration come to you before or during work? Share your opinion via comments, please.


BIG GIRLS by the pool by Ana Dias

ftv sexies by florencia mazza ramsay

California by khomatech

Urban by Akos Major

w i l d – v o y a g e by Joanna Kustra

Little Lands by Jack Ambridge


Aquatic Animals by yuehui Tang

Route sixtysix by Oliver Wetter

soul koradji by JIA RUAN

Requiem-Symphony by wenjun lin

Kabouter by Artemis Kolakis

3d Arts

cat by MattRoussel :)

Rocket Girl by Michal Suchánek

Art and Digital Art

Levi van Veluw, Light by Levi van Veluw

Forbidden Sea by Tom Bagshaw

Various Works -2011 by Joe Fenton

Liquids by Jakob Wagner

ILLUSTRATION by Edward Kinsella

Psyche #2 by Carsten Witte



Bold Style To Win by DTM Branding

You Are So Beautiful by Cosmin Georgian

MTV Networks Africa: Rate Card by Infadizle


Bridgestone Tyres: Cliff Hairpin by Impact BBDO

Nokia N8: Stack up soccer anthem by JWT

Volkswagen: Camel by Kaffeine


outdoor canopy beds by Unknown

amazing bathroom designs by Unknown


Venom GT by Hennessey

Galaxy Xcover by Samsung




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The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus by ScriblabStudios


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