Vexel Art – a Hybrid Art

If you try to look for a definition of the word “vexel” in some dictionary, you are likely to find nothing. Even spellchecker in Word underlines this word as a misspelled word. However, vexel does exist in the modern vocabulary, and this word is nothing but a derivative from two other words: “vector” and “pixel.” Vexel represents one of the modern techniques of digital illustration art, namely a pixel-based raster art, which mimics the vector graphics.

Sharp lines, crisp borders, and clean colors – these are, perhaps, the most common descriptions of the vexel art. Illustrations, created using vexel technique, may look either very real or absolutely artificial – as if borrowed from some alien art magazine. This technique allows a lot of space for artist’s imagination, and the results are really amazing and eye-catching. Vexel art seems fresh, bright, rich in colors, and highly distinctive in shapes. The compositions of vexel art also deserve special attention – vexel artists choose to depict a huge variety of objects – from people and vehicles to absolutely fantastic landscapes or seemingly chaotic mixtures of geometric figures and natural objects.

Though vexel art is said to be a kind of a marginal art, which has not yet received a wide acceptance and recognition, it definitely deserves it. So, we believe it is only a matter of time that the word “vexel” will be included officially in the active vocabulary of the modern art world.

Hello Stranger! by Priscila Floriano

Abstract underworld by Roberto Gamito

The Portraits by Mario Sánchez

MAC’ian by Layerman Design

The Flow by Vincent Vander Cruyssen

EneroMayo2009 by Angel Perez

DC Submissions | Volume #1 by Andres Corrales

Coloures by Jason Angeles

Words I never said by NastPlas

Southland by Edmar Cisneros

Scarlet by James Zwadlo

Autumn Breeze by Sean Armstrong

Minimal Valley by NastPlas

Vamos by James Zwadlo

Experiment No. 11 by Juan Carlos Villareal

Bith of simetry by Jolobai Andrei

Vexels by david nanchin

Serinity by MARK CACCAM

Mistake by Leonardo U.M

Algorithmic Abstracts – group3 by Patrick Gunderson

New path by Roberto Gamito

The Messiah by Quix Maiquez

Abstract world by Roberto Gamito

Vexels Selections by Natalie Sklobovskaya

Alogrithic Abstracts – Group 5 by Patrick Gunderson

Composition #69 by Patrick Gunderson

Digital Portraits (Vexels) by Kristy Anne Ligones

Burning Water by Quix Maiquez

2008 Quarter 3 by Quix Maiquez


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