Showing the World Symmetry in Photography

While it is unclear if there is any mystical or magical meaning behind symmetry as a notion, there is definitely strong esthetic value this phenomenon represents in many forms of fine arts, and especially in photography, where finding and capturing symmetry in the world around is one of the most favorite tricks photographers use to make their pictures interesting and eye-catching. Today, Cruzine magazine offers its readers a virtual trip to the world of symmetry – the world in which we actually live, but not always pay our attention and notice all the amazing examples of symmetry and those awesome visual designs symmetry may create when placed in focus of a photo camera. You may now skip reading this sentence since it is placed here only for the purpose of creating symmetry between two paragraphs of this intro article – now each contain 143 words.

Symmetry is a common feature of architecture: bridges, subway tunnels, buildings interiors and dome elements – these are examples of places, where a photographer may find symmetry. If the object is found, it is only a matter of correct positioning of the camera to grab the symmetry out of the environment and make it a core of a single photo. Sometimes, hunters for symmetry find it in the most unexpected places – it can be a bazaar booth with hundreds of bags displayed with symmetry in mind, or an air show, where military planes perform perfect symmetric figures in the air. After all, nature remains a rich source of symmetry for art; though it is not that easy to find symmetry among natural landscapes, when a photographer manages to do that – it is a guarantee of a perfect picture with true uniqueness and natural charm.

…brijuni II… by roblfc 1892

the kid by piet flour

blue columns by Udo S.

fairy-tale garden by Tobias Guter

Lines of Calatrava by Marcel Wetterhahn

All the pretty cables by Daniela Duncan

Exit by Vulture Labs

Shoemaker!Handcraft ! by DR.Hossein .Mirzaie©

Galeria Kaufhof by Christian Morris

Lost in Abstraction! by Roland Shainidze

Geometry over the snow by Pierluigi Orler

Untitled by bien bautista

Horizontal fountain by Jenna Griffith

Embarcadero Bench by Stéphan Rocoplan

Festing Time by Yves LAMBERT

Snake Skin by Weiss Blau

Rotunda by Weiss Blau

Bent by Weiss Blau

Terracotta by Weiss Blau

Tempodrom by Ralf Wendrich

Pick one by Imad Haddad

Alley by Bryan Leung

stairs by brane zalar

Roads keepers by George Malets

Lines of Fields by Aleksandr Smirnov

Waiting by Pavel Tereshkovets

Under the boardwalk by Chris Turton

Audience by Massimo Renzi

C.A.C. Valencia by Alfredo Marin Biot

Ying-Yang by AugustoFidel Gandia

Concrete Monoliths by Jason Witherspoon

A11 by Nick Frank

O2 by Nick Frank

Launch Bay by Nick Frank

U1 by Nick Frank

SF Bike Racks by Chris Griffith Photography

Huts by Mario Moreno

Independence Day Paris 2011 by Aries Villanueva

Lift, Lift and Lift by Ralf Wendrich

Viktoria street – Gothenburg by Kristofer Ristolainen

Long way by Ralf Wendrich

Last inspection by Dan Clausen Hansen

The Big Water Hole by Rui David

The present of the present by Paolo Pagnini

enlightenment by Nils Eisfeld

Desde las ventanas. by Julie Delabarre

Studie Zwei by Matthias Heiderich

Japan by Navid Baraty


Metromorphosis by Dmitry Kharchenko

Intersection by Navid Baraty

The Bridge of Aspiration by Alex Robertson

Geometry by Igor Novoselov


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