Kuala Lumpur – the Alpha City

The history of Kuala Lumpur started in 1857 – not too long ago in comparison with other cities with global significance. Nevertheless, the city managed to grow from a tiny settlement of tin prospectors in the middle of the jungle into a huge city, capital of Malaysia, and one of the Alpha cities in the World. Having the population of about 1.6 million people, Kuala Lumpur gained its global recognition not only due to its economic potential in the Asian region, but also thanks to the remarkable and unique mixture of culture styles and trends, reflected in the city architecture in particular.

Petronas Twin Towers, a magnificent all-glass building in the very heart of the city of Kuala Lumpur, is one of the well-known emblems of the city itself as well as the remarkable and noticeable mark on the cityscape. With the gallery below you have a chance to enjoy the images of Petronas Twin Towers as well as many other attractions Kuala Lumpur offers to the inhabitants and guests. Huge retail malls, super-modern corporate buildings are located side-by-side with the best historic architecture of religious temples, minarets, and palaces. Kuala Lumpur is a relatively young city, but it is obviously thanks to such a young age, the city gained its unique and fresh profile, featuring the fusion of the best inherited traditions from the past and all the modern attractions.

Warp Drive by vedd

Eyeing the Two Towers II by sirman88

The Day After Tomorrow by LINCOLNOSE2®

Kuala Lumpur – Not HDR. by vedd

Finally We Are Taller Than KLCC! (Unedited!) by AnNamir™

Metallica by Souvik Bhattacharya

The Heart of KL by Charles Gaisano

The Golden Triangle by ~AaronLam~

The Sky Bar in Kuala Lumpur with a view of Petronas by Trey Ratcliff

Camel in KL by Daniel Cheong

Waiting at KLIA by Trey Ratcliff

KLIA – Kuala Lumpur International Airport by Grant Cameron


Thean Hou Temple by Harald Wagener

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple in KL (anno 1864) by Frédéric

Spiritual Solace by Sandmania

Standing Tall by Souvik Bhattacharya

The Burial by Trey Ratcliff

The Temple Deep in the Caves by Trey Ratcliff

Gombak, Kuala Lumpur – Batu Caves #1 by Mio Cade

The Tunnel to Nirvana by Tony Wilkinson

Buddha Buddha Buddha by Trey Ratcliff

A Holy Experience by Trey Ratcliff

rebel without a care by Darna Aminuddin

Julian Oh by Kupih

sound of crawling nails by aliZmuh

Going fishing (project) i by aliZmuh

uphold the heavens by aliZmuh

Turkish Bazaar by Trey Ratcliff

ain intro by archiprez mosis

raining by Chot Touch

Character by Wen Nag

Mr Tattoo- Pudu Market, Kuala Lumpur by Paul Swee

Photograph by +pelican+

Masjid Jamek < the real of life > by +pelican+

Stars in Black … *explored by nasruddinmukhtar

tag! ur it! by kymioflario


Islamic Peace by Trey Ratcliff

it’s complicated ~ Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur by terrosa

The Birth of a New Day by Ragstatic

_7043243 copy by Ming Thein

_7043185 copy by Ming Thein

_7043192 copy by Ming Thein

Serving Up the Dim Sum from the Cart by J2Kfm

Yummy Dim Sum by Russell Taylor

Abi & Shamira – Kuala Lumpur, MY by sraveendran

Kavitha’s wedding – Kuala Lumpur, MY by sraveendran

kuala lumpur, malaysia 2011. by Elyse Canfield

Genting Highlands Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Lyniel Sy


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