Daily Inspirations no. 231

The days are passing by, the seasons change each other, but the interest of creative people, professional designers and enthusiasts, for inspiration never fades away for it is the source and guarantee of new artful achievements, maybe not yet implemented but definitely already conceived. Inspiration is a very dynamic process. You cannot gain it once and forever; instead you will need to regularly refill that Holy Grail, and that is where Cruzine magazine can be of help. Every day we come to our readers with the new portion of fresh inspiring art works, photographs, modern digital paintings, and other forms of design. You are welcome to browse our showcases, discuss the works displayed, download the free resources available, and spread the word about inspiration in the world of art.


Fetching Pebbles by Oscar Bjarnason

Dirt Wave by John Fulton

Cucumbers Seller In Mamallapuram by Pascal Reynaud

To Be A Sheep by Carmen Spitznagel

In The Woods by Carmen Spitznagel

Sugar Loaf by Mauro Risch

Colibri by Marcos Furer

Alaska Lunch Time by Marcos Furer


Game of Thrones 2nd Edition by Tomasz Jedruszek

Mr. Reaper by Jose Alves da Silva

Adera by Duc Truong Huyen

dark general by Szymon Biernacki

voodoo child by Jesse Winchester Schmidt

Uplift War by jason lynch

Rise (contains mild nudity) by Kris Eggleston

3d Arts

Yukiko by Andrew Hickinbottom

RoosterMan by Joel Sundberg

Thor -Feature – Frost Giant by Ian Joyner

Art and Digital Art

Woodworks by Dopludo Collective

Paintings by Yuta Onoda


The Print Shop by Sasha Prood

FK Typexperiments 2 by Filip Komorowski

FIGHT with TYPE 1 by Piotr Ciesielski


Sao Paulo City Hall: Oil by nova/sb

Gillette Mach3: Castaway by BBDO

Schick Quattro for Women: Beachball by JWT


LEDoorHandle by Kun-hee Kim, Kei Shimizu & Nguyen-vu Dang

Modular Wall Coverings by Roel Vaessen, Eric Sloot, & Paulien Berendsen


Samsung Galaxy Flexi Skin by Samsung

2Duo concept camera by Ahlim Son


Bolton Blue


Blog-O-Folio WordPress Theme Version 1.0 by MOin

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LEARN by Rick Mereki


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