Daily Inspirations no. 230

The photographs by Lennette Newell, Jim Huges, Ale Burset and others vividly show us just how inspired these artists are and with how much passion they create their works! No wonder their images have great positive influence at the viewers; no wonder many of us start to feel ready for creating our own works, not necessary masterpieces, but the creative designs, capable of reflecting our emotional state or just meeting the requirements of the project, we are working on. Below you will find not only photographs, but also interesting illustrations, fantastic worlds in 3D art works, liquid and curly typography designs, and, of course, a freebie (BrightSky WordPress theme) to give our readers not only inspiration and fresh ideas, but also a ready for immediate deployment tool for web developing.


Sunset On The Masai Mara by Matt Dayka

Burj Al Arab by Victor Romero

Bamboozled by Lennette Newell

Mae The Pig by Kim Cook

Fashion by Ale Burset

Snowmobile by Jim Hughes

Jane Hill by Margaret Malandruccolo

Joshua Tree by Todd Antony


New Illustrations by Kristy Anne Ligones

KangaROOS by Raul Urias

Van de Cramps by Serge Birault


Press Her by Lindsay Humphries

burning demon by Guo Jian

3d Arts

Over Black Clouds by Neil Blevins

Defend Garth by Ruidan Lv

Tequila Tatu – an Armadillo’s Alcohol Addiction by Jose Alves da Silva

Art and Digital Art

O2 by Alexis Marcou

Conceptual | Surreal by Andreea Anghel

Miscellaneous by Tarin Yuangtrakul


Type work by Francisco Javier Sassano

Logos part 2 by Ah&Oh Studio

butterfly by Maria Simova


Sao Paulo City Hall: Treasure by nova/sb

Carlino Guitars: Campfire by Hill Holliday

P&G Vick: Knockout, Guy, 2 by Publicis


The Plooop Chairs by Timothy Schreiber

Water Stone Faucet and sink system by Omer Sagiv


Honda Gyro² by Robert V Hagenström

Hexagons LED watch by Samuel Jerichow


WordPress Themes


Bright Sky by kreativethemes

Download WordPress Theme


EAT by Rick Mereki


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