Is There Anything Modern Artists Cannot Do?

During all the times art has suffered from certain restrictions, for example, lack of quality paper and other media to carry art works, inability of paints to survive through the years without losing the brightness of colors, or social and even political rejections of certain forms of art, etc. Today most if not all of such restrictions disappeared, allowing art to develop on its own. Modern artists can be not only dreamers, but doers as well, thus making the answer for our headline question obvious – no, there is nothing that modern artists cannot do.

We have prepared the showcase, featuring photographic manipulations, because such works are likely to have the greatest potential in demonstrating the limitless capabilities of contemporary art. These design works are unique not only because they feature people, who can fly, or doubled suns, or a cowboy armed with Colt and iPad, but also because these art creations make the above mentioned look very real. Human imagination has always been among the primary moving forces of the progress of humanity, and it looks like art has always been and will always be in the lead vanguard of such evolution…

Re’BORN by Vigan Tafili

Musician ‘Bobby Tank’ by Vigan Tafili

Cry and Try by Vigan Tafili

Together by Vigan Tafili

3D-efining the World Around Me by Sylvester Vang

rdy by Kevin Nitschmann

Tulkas by Florencia Tucci

Dave Hill Inspired Composite by Olivia Cook

Tree tales by albulena panduri

Dreams by albulena panduri

No Gravity by albulena panduri

Darth Vader Tribute by Lucas Lobo

photoshop mix by Sara Caruso

Involutĭo by Laura Racero

The cascading chocolate by Camille DUCLOS

The dream of heaven by Camille DUCLOS

Elemental Life by ianARTic

Resplendor by Andrei Venal

works by victor etukudo

Calendario Enero 2012 by Eder Rengifo

ROCK by Eddi Aguirre

Domain by Maryanne Carman

Sea Horse by Adam Davison

Just Dance by Adam Davison

Life is a Boomerang_for Green life org by Reginold John

Between the sea and sky by Jenny Rincon

aqua by Aleksei Kostjuk

The Prayer by Brenda Clarke

smooky by Aleksei Kostjuk

A World Within A World by NeesaButterBerry

The_Day_After by didiercen

Inked: Solarity Version 2 by John Crabtree

Awakening by Pierre-Alain D.

Mass Mediatus by Pierre-Alain D.

Freyja by Pierre-Alain D.

In My Veins by Pierre-Alain D.

The Belly Flame by Pierre-Alain D.

Gondola by Simplicio Stella

Abandoned city by Simplicio Stella

La fortezza by Simplicio Stella

La guerriera by Simplicio Stella

unfinish reaction by Reksa lumina

Caminos by Paula Pérez

Reflejos by Paula Pérez


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