Daily Inspirations no. 228

“La situazione politica non è buona; la situazione economica non è buona…” these words from the song of Adriano Celentano, obviously, reflect the current state of affairs in many countries of the world today. However, there is always at least one sphere of life, which is still flourishing and is not threatened by any default risks. This sphere is art, and all the revolutions, which sometimes do happen here, are only for better, moving art to the next stage of its evolution. All kinds of artists, including photographers and painters, illustrators and web designers, constantly feed art with new works, exploring its new spaces, experimenting with new materials and techniques, and charging it with the energy, which makes art one of the most positive parts of human life. The collection of inspiring designs, you can see below, is just one more valid argument for the aforementioned.


Three Dead Trees by John Fulton

Fly Portrait by Christian Daryanto

Near The Sunset by Igor Oussenko

Dunes Ii by Victor Romero

Brides Middleearth 1 by Erik Almas

Soul Of Mr Hitchcock by Maciej Makowski

Grazing by David Wilson

Kids by Marcus Hausser


Black hole by Chao Peng

Garrosh by Michael John Punsalan

Battle by Viktor Titov

Hime IIII by Michael Chang Ting Yu

Marian by Katie De Sousa

Little Black by Kerem Beyit

Joe Cabeleira-The second fastest trigger in the old west by Lucas Leibholz

3d Arts

Viking by Pedro Conti

Demon by Fabricio Moraes

Art and Digital Art

Crashed Cars Sculptures by Dirk Skreber

Anatomical Toy Sculpts by Jason Freeny

Sky 2 by Marcus Hausser


Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase by MaricorMaricar

Ripe banana skins 360 by Lucas We

You in White poster by Igor Ivankovic


Volkswagen: Swing by DDB

Marca: Iraq by DDB

Active Life Movement: Kite by Latinworks


The Club Hotel by Ministry of Design

Contemporary Bathroom Inspiration by Laufen


Porsche Design P’4911 by Dawid Dawod

NEURON by Ian Kettle




gRID! Theme by beatheme

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Teebs “Moments” by Paul Trillo


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