Young Animals Photographs

Life is a universal phenomenon on planet Earth. Every living being, whether it is a tiny bug, a huge elephant, or a human, has the same life cycle. We all born, grow-up, mate, get old, and eventually pass away. To see more evidences of such universality of the life let us think about the early period of a life cycle now. Here is the showcase of photographs of young animals – so, let us enjoy the images and try to find the general similar traits, shared by small birds, lions, elephants, and, who knows, maybe you’ll notice something similar with human children as well…

Actually, aside of differences in appearances, these small animals have a lot in common, especially in their instincts and models of behavior. All of them mimic their parents, they hope for their help and protection, and all of them are equally joyful and playful in learning the world around them. We know that adult animals can sometimes be angry, scary, not that attractive, etc. But things go different with young animals – they are all cute and funny, whether it is a lamb or a child of a hippopotamus. Life is beautiful and the nature is wise. Though we, humans, have positioned ourselves at the very crown of nature’s creations, we should not forget that we still live side-by-side with other inhabitants of our planet. So, let us respect them.

Emergence – 1 by Christina Evans

Endangered Species by Jiunyih

Pinning Mom! by Morkel Erasmus

Fox Cub in the Bluebells by Dale Sutton

Litter Mates by Brendon Cremer

Now where did I put the kids? by Paul Shaw

Lion 01 by catman

Brave Young Predator by Ian Weatherburn

Jackal & Fox by Hendri Venter

Serafina by Karin Zürcher

New-born chicken by Mihai Nicusor

FARMÉ by João Pedro Nogueira

The essence of cute by Brian O’Connor

Hello little baby! by Donna

little Easter lambs by moggierocket

He’s watching you! by Gergo Kazsimer

Baby Elephant by Steve Newton

I am one day old too by Rosie Spooner

New born Alpaca by David Peacock

Cygnet of the walk.. by Hennie van Heerden

Bear friends by IN CHERL KIM

Family Sri Lanka Leopards by Martien Uiterweerd

baby lion cub by Adam Foster

J U S T B O R N- Foal by Nagcharan M

Mocha’s and Enoki’s Babies Day #7 by Debbie

Lion cubs by ucumari

Three wild boar piglets at the Veluwe by Ben Thé Man

Black Swan Baby by Robert Adamec

Common Tern. by yaki zander

Black Swan by Robert Adamec

Black Swan by Robert Adamec

Fox-cubs after sunset by Lise De Serres

Mother and Cub… by Mac Danzig

Davide vs Golia by Francesco Renzi

Mother’s love by cherly

Don’t disturb me by mathilde guillemot

Mom, Nala is killing me by woxys

singing in the rain.. by serhat demiroglu

Dog by bilal erçin

Lil Dancer by thrumyeye

Dont be shy by Cat Ravenswille

Duck Tears by Thrumyeye

Protection by ti-jean

Thanks For all the Fish by Thrumyeye

Baby Chinchilla by Olga Zavershinskaya

Almost by CatharsisJB

Mother and Cub 2 by Wolfy2k4

Miracles Happen by Ashley Holloway

my winter by EnvelopedInSin

Little Fangs 1166 by Sooper-Deviant


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