Daily Inspirations no. 227

Whether you belong to the people, like Cole Porter, whose sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director, or, maybe, you are one of those artists, who as Ralph Emerson noted, seek inspiration at any cost, by virtue and by vice, by friend or by fiend, by prayer or by wine, – Cruzine will always be here to provide you with a bit more choices of the sources, where you could look for the inspiration in order to either do your job or do something, that simply makes you happy or satisfied. Our newest daily collection of photographs, illustrations, digital contemporary art, advertising and industrial designs is here; so let us give a kick-start to all the creative powers, which might still be dozing after the relaxing weekend.


Photo by Eibo Jeddah

Portraits from Morocco by Nour El Ghoumari

Jardins de Babylone by Andrey & Lili

Tragic Beauty by Soon Tong

The Lady In The Moon by Soon Tong

Above Africa by Jakob Wagner


Light Sphere by Guilherme Vargas

Toy Story’s Little Green Men by Shane Smith

Colosus by Piotr Foksowicz

Ego by Francisco Jose Albert Albusac

Black hole by Chao Peng

hooker by Kristel Ann Raymundo


3d Arts

Diablid by Matt Mills

Mr Muscle by Rachid jadir

Blue by Paco Zamudio

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Misha Gordin

Artwork by Paul Lung

portraits by wei yan

Nike T-Shirts by Cristiano Siqueira


Goethe Institut Event Poster by Diana Mota

Typography Experiments. by Irmantas Genotas

Turns of Speech and Figures of Phrase by MaricorMaricar


São Paulo School, Cinema Courses: Almodovar by Dentsu

Het Huis opticians: Sale by SuperRebel.com

Ford: Woodcutters by JWT


The MILLY Kitchen by Stosa Cucine

D’espresso Cafe Interior by Nema Workshop


Bell Tweeter by Samohvalov Sergey

Hexagons LED watch by Samuel Jerichow


Pattern 8


Gossip City WordPress Theme by designdisease

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Trim by Petey Boy


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