Daily Inspirations no. 223

Grotesque glamour, exaggerated fashion, supernatural abilities, combination of art and animals world – all this and much more can be found in our today inspirational set. It seems, contemporary artists do not support the statement, probably made by the pessimists of this world, that everything in the art field has already been said and done by our predecessors. Neither give they the slightest chance for the saying that everything new is just the forgotten old thing. Instead, modern artists perfectly manage to find quite unusual and even whimsical topics for their works, as well as uncommon, obscure, but really fascinating ways of depicting them to attract viewers’ attention. And we must admit, that really works: we are always attracted by something unexpected; and even if a topic is familiar and has been seen many times before, the unusual technique of its representation turns out to be the best method to captivate our glances and draw our attention. Just like the pieces in our set of inspirational images do!


Photo by Martin Schoeller

The New Yorker by Martin Schoeller

Photo by Alan Shapiro

Photo by Alan Shapiro

Photo by Alan Shapiro

Photo by Tomek Jankowski

Photo by Erwin Olaf

Photo by Tim Laman


Repairshop by Andreas Rocha

Glamour by Marta Dahlig

Nika by Mario Wibisono

Snap end of summer by Tomasz Maronski

CHARGE! by Aly Fell

3d Arts

Whispers by Olivier Ponsonnet

Robot – Octopus (a real fashion model with 3D FX) by Dominique Fraser

Rusty by Cesar Alejandro Montero Orozco

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Arunas Zilys

2011 by Raphael Vicenzi

Paintings 2011 by Adam Smith


Wired Magazine Type – Mario Hugo by Hugo & Marie

Type by Marcell Aguilar

Vida e Caffé by Studio Muti

SA Dairy by Studio Muti


Guinness: The power to lift us all by Irish International BBDO

Familiprix Drugstores: Pharmacist arm, 2 by lg2

BCAA Travel Insurance: Bottle by Rethink


The Nest Chair by Nina Bruun

KONNEX by Florian Gross


Boot to Gecko by Mozilla

500 by Nokia


Suki Brand


Compositio WordPress Theme by designdisease

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese by Mac ‘N’ Cheese


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