Packaging Designs – Looking into the Future

The common definition says that packaging is the technology, science, and ART of enclosing products for protection, transportation, storage and use. The history of packaging means dates back practically to the times immemorial, when only the natural materials were used to produce the packaging (for example, woven baskets and bags, wooden boxes and barrels, and later pottery and ceramic vessels). Many more means and ways to enclose products (mainly with the processed materials) appeared with the lapse of time; however, the archeological finds obviously show us that even centuries ago people tried to make their contemporary packages user friendly and attractive.

Thus, it looks like it is not our modern achievement that packaging process progressed into the art. Nonetheless, contemporary designers do their best to continue that progress and give us the pleasure of resting our eyes on the beautiful and unusual packaging as we consume a product. Today, every piece of packaging is developed thoughtfully, according to a designer’s creative idea, and aiming at underlining the product’s advantages, value, and status, as well as increasing its popularity among the consumers. Our today gallery includes wonderful samples of the contemporary packaging of various products. Some designs are bright and motley; some are whimsical and even hard to describe. Other packaging designs are decent, composed, and refined; and it is not their brightness, rather the restrained coolness that makes them so eye-catching… Welcome to take a look and choose what attracts you most!

Mother’s Ruin by Daniel Brokstad

Casaña by Julie Lineberry

Basil Hayden’s Packaging by Rachael Stefanussen

Photoshop Cosmetics by Caro von Chaos

Gelatinas Alsa by Joana Mendes

McCormick Spices Packaging by Jennifer Phelps

LE PÉCHÉ by Daniel Brokstad

Package Design by Marko Tasic

UMGX Retail Brand Development For Coffeeology Brand ID by UMGX Retail Brand Development

Fried Joojeh by Valentina Sanders

Lancashire Tea by Moko Wang

Buono by We Are Pitch Black

Dusty Digital CD by Bartłomiej Walczuk

DISCREET MASQUERADE OF WOMEN // Perfumery Series Part 1 by Ron Hahn

Dapper Chap – Mustache Wax by Chelsea Hendrickson

Winlove Wine by Hugo XESTA Moura

Harley Beer by Peter Gorman

The Crazy Monkey Juice Branding by Luis Peralta

Cribbage Board Game by Anthony Petrie

Pudding packaging by Goran Obrovac


Demo/cracia 2010 by Elver Mora

Roastmaster’s Select by Ron Sas

Hook & Eye Sewing Kit by Emily Ballas

The Art of Shaving by Emily Ballas

This is not a bottle of water // Packaging by Pablo Funcia

Old Eight Ice Packaging by Daniel Kano

Milk Carton Prospectus by Jason Rubino

Coffee Time bag and cups by Studio43

Antismoke pack by Reynolds and Reyner

Metrio Coffee Visual Identity by Robinsson Cravents

LACK magazine by Miklos Kiss

Colier by Reynolds and Reyner

Karmøy Gravlaks by Audun Aas

Babees Honey by Ah&Oh Studio


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