Daily Inspirations no. 221

If you are tired of reality, if it looks dull and boring to you, if you miss being a child when your imagination could easily revive pictures in the fairy tales book, it is time to make a couple minutes break and dive into the world of fancy illustrations, such as those we have for our readers within our inspirational designs collection. Friendly tigers and cute dragons as well as pretty nasty creatures are here to amuse you, to restart your imagination and remove the stress and burden from the daily routine. Besides, we also have many photographs for you to get the aesthetic satisfaction or just to see the world from a different angle. Anyway, we believe this collection of design works will become a worthy completion of your working week. So, just relax and relish these interesting art and design works we have brought here for you.


Photo by Trish Carney

Photo by Ewa Adriana Szumowska

Photo by Eddie O’Bryan

Photo by Anna Ådén

Photo by Gabriella Camerotti

Photo by Rune Guneriussen

Photo by Cristian Di Stefano

Photo by Jesús Alonso


Imagination Of Victorior by Wanchana Intrasombat

Astro Cityzen_The Search by Leong Wan Kok

Matchboxes by Maxim Mezentsev

Fast Food Eater by ilustract

World 2.0 by ilustract

3d Arts

Robodrunk by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Demon by Pierre Bourgeot

Art and Digital Art

The Coasters by Parliament of Owls

Duchess by Amarins de Jong

Flower still life by Jan Nederlof

Characters by Peter Zajac

Fine Art by Joshua Miels


Ling Magazine / Madrid illustration by Vicente García Morillo

Handmade font. by HandMadeFont

Hand Made With Love by Goran


PRASA (Paper Recycling Association of South Africa): Paper Forest by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris

Renault Megane R.S. 250: Mirror fan by Droga5

Cillit Bang: Bottle by Euro RSCG


The 2010 Collection by Saba Italia

The Gaudi Chair by Bram Geenen


Frii by Dror Peleg

Cyber-shot WX30 by Sony




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Jean-François (2009) by tom haugomat & bruno mangyoku


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