Beards – the Endless Possibilities to Create Art

“Seize the opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.”

“A beard creates lice, not brains.”

“Wisdom is in the head, not in the beard.”

There are so many jokes and proverbs about beards! In spite of the risk to be laughed at, many men still choose to wear beards; moreover, all of them are definitely proud of their facial hair. Perhaps they want to look stylish, cool, more handsome, or more masculine. Maybe they want to seem wiser, more experienced, or more mature. It may as well be so that some of them believe that women prefer men with beards to those who shave their faces. Surely, everyone has his own reason. And in fact, it doesn’t really matter what it is in every particular case; the undeniable fact is that men love and cherish their beards, and taking care of them literary make the real art.

Today you have the opportunity to find the proofs to the above mentioned facts visiting our showcase dedicated to… no, not just to beards, but to the art of wearing and stylizing them. In fact, those beards, gathered in the gallery below, are the true examples of art and style. Making them look like that is definitely time and effort consuming; besides, it surely requires skills and experience. Nonetheless, the results worth it, because even those who despise beards and consider them ridiculous will be amazed and will most probably change their minds and attitude towards this trivial and unexpected means to create art from.

Beard by Iris Silina

The Beard by Iris Silina

The beard by Paul Indigo

Old beard by Berkay Mutlu

Beard by Brent Clarke

Untitled by Pollo Olivera

Varanasi Sadhu by Oleg Janeiko

*** by Katerina Man’shine

Street food vendor by Anant Deboor

Pals by Jeff Jones

Untitled by Muliadi Soenaryo

Kalle by Jutta Schär

Indian by Jutta Schär

Stranger by Jutta Schär

Pyrate Style II by Jutta Schär

man by Jutta Schär

Black Label by Jutta Schär

Refreshed by DDMS Photography

The Coin Merchant #0103 by Michiel de Lange

The Dear Hunter by Kevin Knight

Beard – now in its second year by Beard Bear

038/365 Finding The Way by Matthew Coughlin

Terry by Kirsty Mitchell

confused look by kevin meredith

DOGSEAT by Phil Sharp

Weird Beard 4 by Alex Bamford

_DSC9750 by Eric Harvey Brown

_DSC1794 by Eric Harvey Brown

RA RA RASPUTIN… by Azli Jamil

Beard and moustache seemlessly integrated by Shaun Morrison

Caricature of yesterworld English gent by Shaun Morrison

Extended beard smile by Shaun Morrison

Italian entrants by Shaun Morrison

The long beard by Brett Davies

lomokev the viking by kevin meredith

super styled that tash by kevin meredith

DSC_0032 by Eric Harvey Brown

Legend by Leon Moss

Non-verbal conversation by Hmong Soul

A Face by Sourav Saha

awaken! by tom stone


Farewell, facial furniture. by Mr. Moog

Weird Beard 2 by Alex Bamford

World Beard and Moustache Championship – Roland van Den Bremt by Ryan McFarland

Beard by Zach Ramey

Hair and Beard by Art Gardenfunckle

Bearded by Richard Pizzuti

The Beard by Allan Stodd

world beard and moustache championships by brian Adams

Beard Stache Fest_0004 by Mike Folden

Beard Stache Fest_0013 by Mike Folden

Beard Stache Fest_0008 by Mike Folden


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