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Most of the modern people do not have many chances to touch the wild nature. Zoo is, perhaps, the only place in the industrialized world where we can enjoy the beauty of exotic birds, funny behavior of baby animals, or hypnotizing gaze of a snake. However, zoo is nothing like a natural environment for animals; and while most of us enjoy watching them in the cages, most of the animals actually do not enjoy their men-made habitat… That is why, we, at Cruzine, believe that it is much better for both parties to enjoy animals in their natural surroundings, or, if you cannot or just do not feel like visiting forests, deserts, or jungles, you can always enjoy the great wildlife pictures, captured by photographers in the natural home of animals.

Furthermore, watching the pictures is not only a safer and environmentally friendly way of enjoying the wildlife, it can also be much more interesting than visiting the zoo, because it is only in the wild environment, where animals can behave in their most natural way. That is why, the most interesting animal photographs come from the mountains and forests, jungles and deserts, lakes and oceans. Photographers do their best and often risk their lives to capture the most sacred moments of the wild life. And now we would like to share with the readers of Cruzine a stunning collection of such interesting animal photographs.

Evening Leopard 3 by Christopher R. Gray

Bearish Prairie Dogs by Christopher R. Gray

Come Back Soon by Christopher R. Gray

A Bushveld Death by Christopher R. Gray

Yellowstone Bighorn by Christopher R. Gray

House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) by György Szimuly

Collared Pratincole (Glareola pratincola) by György Szimuly

Magellanic Penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) by György Szimuly

Elephant by Nigel Ivy

Ragaa Malhaar by Tejas Soni

Mr.Russel’s viper by Tejas Soni

The Call of the wild by Tejas Soni

Young arctic ground squirrel by Nicolas Dory

Young wild boars by Nicolas Dory

Wet Dog Shaking by Nicolas Dory

Stretching Lynx by Nicolas Dory

Red Deer Rut by Nicolas Dory

Young Grizzly crossing the road by Nicolas Dory

Alpine Ibex by Nicolas Dory

Alpine marmot by Nicolas Dory

Parasitic Jaeger by Nicolas Dory

Yawning Red Fox by Nicolas Dory

Blind trust by Manuela Kulpa

Keep Cool by Manuela Kulpa

New life – welcome Changi by Manuela Kulpa

Neofelis nebulosa by Manuela Kulpa

Common Loon with sunfish prey by Greg Schneider

Weary Warrior by Buck Shreck

Dueling Chubby Cubbies by Buck Shreck

Over The Wall by Buck Shreck

Sibling Rivalry, Female Wins by Buck Shreck

Early Morn, Madison Rut by Buck Shreck

Please, Please… by Fabs Forns

Oh not again! by Fabs Forns

On Mom’s back by Fabs Forns

Bellow the Belt by Fabs Forns

fresh coat by Liam Doran

It wasn’t me! by Carl Stovell

Mean Machine by Carl Stovell

You Spin Me Round by Carl Stovell

Caught in the Shadows by Carl Stovell

Tongue Twister by Carl Stovell

Taming of the Vole by Richard Steel

Know a good dentist? by Richard Steel

Wet Hare by Richard Steel

yawning cat by Maxim Denisenko

The Boys by Jeff Clow

Green Prince by Jeff Clow

Trio in the Nest by Jeff Clow

Armadillo Bucket by Jeff Clow

Herd in the Morning by Jeff Clow

In Tender Hands by Jeff Clow

A Bison in the Sun by Jeff Clow

Last breath by Austin Thomas

Seal pup by Austin Thomas

Galloping Horses by Austin Thomas

Autumn by Anna Guðmundsdóttir

Look at my beautiful teeth………. by Anna Guðmundsdóttir

My favorite colored food by Bob Zeller

Princess and the Frog by Bob Zeller

yinyang alligator by Gorrest Fump

EYELID by Wolf Ademeit

HELLO WORLD by Wolf Ademeit

SPRINKLE by Wolf Ademeit

NEH NEEH by Wolf Ademeit

Untitled by GilGPhotographie

On The Prowl by Jonathan Griffiths

Chameleon Macro by Jonathan Griffiths

black leopard (Panthera pardus) by Jonathan Griffiths

Amur Tiger by Jonathan Griffiths

Dendrobates azureus, Cobalt Blue Poison Dart Frog by Michael Kern

Hylomantis lemur – Lemur Leaf Frog by Michael Kern

Python molurus bivittatus – Burmese Python by Michael Kern

Theloderma corticale, Vietnamese Mossy Frog by Michael Kern

Furcifer paradalis, Panther Chameleon by Michael Kern

Morella virdis, Green Tree Python by Michael Kern

Corucia zebrata, Soloman Island Monkey Tailed Skink by Michael Kern

Usamba Bush Viper (Atheris cerataphora) by Michael Kern

The Early Bird Catches The Worm by Dale Sutton

Adder in Mid Strike by Dale Sutton

Fox Pouncing on Mouse by Dale Sutton

Wild Andrex by Dale Sutton

Water Bat by Dale Sutton

Little Owl Big Yawn by Dale Sutton


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