Daily Inspirations no. 220

They say the more you know the more you understand how little you know. The same seemingly paradoxical situation can be noticed in art as well. No matter how many portraits or landscapes have already been painted or photographed; every new one is always a new discovery and a new masterpiece, if it was created with talent and creativity. Every day Cruzine magazine publishes inspirational images with different landscapes or nature photographs included, and every next day when we return to the same theme, it still looks fresh and offers a lot unique works we have never seen before. Nature is so diverse that photographers like Suren Manvelyan and Jean Slavin will always have enough sources for inspiration and objects for their photography work. Another eternal theme is a portrait and again the interest of wide public and artists to this topic will never fade away. Just have a look at the shots made by Robert Jaso and Andrey Yakovlev and you will understand the secret, which makes portrait art eternal and always timely.


Haircare by Robert Jaso

Photo by m1kikey

Photo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Photo by Robert Jaso

Photo by Suren Manvelyan

Photo by silikat87

My China by iNsight.u

Photo by Jean Slavin


Personal Works by Alexander Wells

Serious Characters by Jan Vranovský

Imagination Of Victorior by Wanchana Intrasombat

death approaching by Kuang Hong

PopCorn by Leong Wan Kok

The Conezone! by Jason Seiler

3d Arts

Bunny by Carlos Ortega Elizalde

Art and Digital Art

DACS Episodes by Alexis Marcou

Client Work by Kirsty White

Nova Lund by Nils-Petter Ekwall

GOOD Education Guide by Meg Paradise

Animal Rights by Tien-Min Liao


Egypt 22 Font (Free) by Ivan Kostynyk

Dandy Collection Typeface / Font #1 / BAUDELAIRE / 2011 by Vicente García Morillo

LEAGUE – Typeface by YLLV . Karol Gadzala


El Comercio: Spaceman by La Facultad

Conidrin Nasal Decongestant: Violinists/Punkrockers by Mohallem/Artplan

USMC / United States Marine Corps: Recruit Training Poster by JWT


Lounge Chair by Nico Kläber

The Stryde Collection by Michael Wolk


CR-V concept by Honda

Drift HD by Drift Innovation




Tipz WordPress Theme by designdisease

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Under the clouds by Gioacchino Petronicce


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