Ideas of Surrealism and Symbolism Will Live Forever!

What looks absurd for some people may be treated as a masterpiece or a work of genius for others. It is simply because art is one if not the only sphere of human life where there are no standards, unbreakable rules, and unshakeable definitions of what is nice and attractive and what is not. Art is very and very different, it has a great diversity of forms, and while it can be universal in terms of meaning, art can never be universal in terms of similarity.

After all, everything is relative in this world: every individual may have his personal understanding of such categories as beauty, justice, etc. formed under the influence of particular social environment, ethnicity peculiarities or personal genotype, family influence, education, etc. Speaking about beauty or beauty in art to be more particular, we should admit that there is no antonym or opposite for beauty in art. There are simply different forms of beauty and aesthetics in art. Finally, before we learn to use more than 10 percents of our brain capabilities, we can hardly treat something for sure… But that will do with philosophy. Today we just want to show you a set of illustrations, which are different, unusual, untypical, alternative, non mainstream, or whatever you may call them. We are sure that readers of Cruzine will find a lot of aesthetics and true art in the illustrations below.

Design Indaba Print 02 by Hylton Warburton

Hear my mixtape by Randy Mora

The Key to Your Soul by Ben Heine

TRANSLING by Fernando Hereñú

springtime sunshine band by Mikko Walamies


Second of moment /2 by MRfrukta

a story of lifes and lines( and lies),the life thread by Tommaso Meli

The Bad Bunny by SEAMO ONE

partyanimals-white by Amee & Csaba chobopop

Cyan by Marcos Zerene

Grace by Örgüt Çaylı

Chess Art – 2 by Ben Heine

Illustration by Wim Bruyninckx

Illustration by dirtydust

Illustration by Livando Malcher

illustration 2008 ORES by Nicolas Guittard

Lion mask parade by Wonman Kim

Illustration Friday – Sacrifice by Kim Carney

Illustration for WIRED magazine (UK) by Jonny Wan

Nang! by Jonny Wan

Illustration Friday: Detach by Kathleen

Skinny Illustration by Paul Smith

poetry illustration by Amee & Csaba chobopop

Illustration Friday: Suit by Martin Roemer

Gaijin by Martin Roemer

Pinocchio Illustration by Network Osaka

We are skull by Wonman Kim

Weired samurai by Wonman Kim

Rats in the shell by Wonman Kim

Hans the Hedgehog and the King… by Cate Simmons

La Femme by James White

spanish revolution by diego mir

Carmen and Mordecai… by Cate Simmons

Miss Havisham.. by Cate Simmons

Eli, no! – Page5 by Katie Kirk

Crudo by Randy Mora

silver screen fabulations by Mikko Walamies

light and bright by Mikko Walamies

synthesized by Mikko Walamies

confraternizeik by Yan Sorgi

The Boy, the Cloud, the Umbrella and the Stars by Alberto Cerriteño


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