Daily Inspirations no. 219

Daily Inspirations no. 219

There are so many important, interesting, and noble professions in this world! Being an artist or a designer is not just a profession – it’s a gift, a calling, a mission, and a blessing – all at the same time. This activity is really spiritual, and it is always carried out rather for the sake of our souls than to serve the needs of bodies. It all makes creative arts still more important and necessary for the whole human race. Cruzine magazine team see their calling in making art as close to people as possible. That’s the reason why we start our day and offer you the same opportunity to begin a new day with contemplating the contemporary art pieces gathered in our daily inspirational sets. Here artists play with color and shade, shape and size, space and visual effects. Even if an art piece is meant to look dramatic or even tragic, it still possesses a strong power to raise viewers’ spirits, inspire for action, and increase enthusiasm, confidence and the desire to go on.

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