Daily Inspirations no. 218

Jason Mraz, an extremely talented young singer, once wrote a song called “Life is Wonderful”, where he said, “It takes an egg to make a hen; It takes a hen to make an egg; There is no end to what I’m saying.” This seems to be a universal wisdom, which can also be applied to art. Let us say it this way: it takes art to make art, because art itself is a source of inspiration, library of knowledge, depository of ideas, and a storeroom of instruments and techniques. There has always been a strong bond between the art already created and the art to be created in the near or far future. At Cruzine magazine we believe in the existence of such bond, and we make our own modest contribution to maintaining that link by sharing different art works with our audience of designers, photographers, illustrators, and simply fans of art and design.


Untitled by Alberto Guglielmi

Subaru by Nigel Harniman

Dessert by Douglas Fisher

Way To Remember by Haswa Wedhaswara

Warm blanket of nature III by Caras Ionut

City of God by Isac Goulart

Tree by Mark Littlejohn

Photo by Robert Jaso


Spring village by Dana Daukshta

Felicia Cano by Dana Daukshta

Rust by Mathias Kollros

Wee Piggy enjoying art. by Darko Vučenik

Artwork by Van Arno

Artwork by Denis Zilber

Fairy island by ZEZ zhaoenzhe

3d Arts

at peace by jonathan ball

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Pat Perry

Artwork by Pavel Shangin

Artwork by Anna Morandi

Artwork by Carla Bedini


Horrisomnia: initials & pictos by stratyap

TRENDY by Jonas Helgeneset

Zu by Andrei D. Robu


Beate Uhse TV: Child Lock, Penguin by Kempertrautmann

Listerine: Sundae by JWT

Liza Salad Dressings: Chicken by Talent


Chair by Giancarlo Zema

MOSSTiles by Benetti Stone Philosophy


FRENDZY by Renault

DROID 3 by Motorola


Typography Served


Construction by iconeden

Download Icons


KI: Michael Levin by Brad Kremer


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