Wallpapers for Windows, Apple, and Ubuntu Fans

Whether you are using Windows – the most widely spread operating system in the world, or you are one of the lucky and proud owners of Apple, or maybe you enjoy being different with the free Ubuntu OS? In any of the situations Cruzine magazine has a great gift for you – a collection of fresh free wallpapers, most of which featuring Windows, Apple, and Ubuntu themes and logos. Simple yet noble textures, glowing colors, and artful visual effects make the essence of these free wallpapers. We, at Cruzine, know perfectly well how dull default wallpapers could be and how strong and persistent could be the desire to change and customize the appearance of a computer desktop, especially if you like art and want to surround yourself with genuine esthetics. This collection of wallpapers will definitely help you revive your desktop, add more vivid colors and charisma to it.

Hackintosh Wallpaper v4 by Jonathan Marier

It’s like chocolate by Kevin Andersson

Retro Apple by Javier Ocasio

Luxury Apple by Stratification

Firefox by IQEye

Apple Wallpaper – Mac Colors by Fi2-Shift

Apple Wallpaper by flashrevolution

iKill by MeXuT

Ubuntu Colored by Milan van de Goor

Weathered Windows Wallpaper by Salman Arif

Windows by Javier Ocasio

Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack by Maor Hazan

Wallpaper – Apple Scrapbook by JPLedoux

Windows Seven Glow Wallpaper by dj-corny

iGolf by Jeff Smith

Dark Windows 7 Wallpaper by giannisgx89

iColor by Zotus

Golden Apple by SexyLadyMaul

Futuristic Windows wallpaper by Henri Palm

Variations On Ubuntu 11.04 1+ by Zak Frappan

The Big Apple by maxwood

Windows Colored by Milan van de Goor

Vista Wood Logo Wallpaper by Salman Arif

Destroy Ubuntu by lukeroberts

Windows Wallpaper HD Green by Cezarijus K

Apple Colored by Milan van de Goor

Windows 7 Ultimate II by Rafael Souza

apple by djeric

Mac OS X Lion – Back to Mac by shod4n

Debian Squeeze, Tree Of Wisdom by Zak Frappan


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