The Sparkling World of Jewelry Designs

The world of jewelry adornments impresses with its richness and variety of forms: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, and this list can, definitely, go on and on. Jewelry is one of the most ancient forms of art. Just imagine that the age of the oldest jewelry found is said to be about 100 000 years. Jewelry art has been evolving side-by-side with the human civilization itself; it has been changing, improving techniques, discovering new materials and designs in order to become one of the most valuable form of art both in terms of monetary value and artistic one.

Though jewelry art has very strong bonds with the traditional legacy, modern or contemporary jewelry has unique features. Along with the value and beauty of natural materials, such as gold, silver, and diamonds, the esthetic component or simply the design of jewelry gains more and more value and appreciation today. Uniqueness of design, unexpected forms, unusual materials and their combinations – this is what people like about modern jewelry art. His Majesty Design becomes the King of Jewelry Art and we are here to show our readers all the genius and greatness of modern jewelry designs.

PENDANT by Aneta Koza

PENDANT by Aneta Koza

SHAMAN by Aneta Koza

Ritmo by Emilie Bliguet

Espuma by Emilie Bliguet

Ring by an Architect by Povilas

SILVER 925 //05 by Ewa Kluczyńska

SILVER 925 //02 by Ewa Kluczyńska

new rings by Rebecca Little

Kitty Stoykovich Designs 2011 by Kitty Stoykovich


WEDDING BAND by sumer sayan

DIABLA. by sumer sayan


I Can’t Seem to Get Rid of the Horses by Birgit Marie Schmidt

Fine Jewelry Design by Cyrille Despointes

Dubble rings by Krisztián Ádám

Labyring by Krisztián Ádám

Rings by Krisztián Ádám

Our Bespoke Engagement Ring by Oliver Milburn

585 by Ewa Kluczyńska

18K White Gold Engagement Rings by Mia van Beek

Keep your head! by Julia Travchanski

Nature Collection by Mike Van Buskirk

Jewellery by Dylan Lawson

SKULL Ring by Andrey Chirkov

Sieradencollectie by Dieuwke Raats


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