Daily Inspirations no. 217

Someone from the gurus of the photographic art once said: “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” Indeed, how many new details, shapes, shades, and interactions a single photograph can reveal to us. Stopping the time and freezing the movement, camera works like both a time machine and a microscope to show us what the human sight would never capture on its own. And here comes another quote about photography: “A photography is secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.” This may sound like a conflict of interests, but the truth is that many of the human greatest achievements stemmed from some conflicts


Saturday, July 9, 5.30 a.m. by mauro maione

The Way by Jannis L

Drops by Victor Eredel

listen me ! by Prachit Punyapor

Secrets Des Templiers by Andy Starflinger

Maze by Jonathan Webb

Girl And Pig by Colin Thomas

Photo by Kees Veenenbos


Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat by Felicia Cano

Fly me to the moon by Mathias Kollros

The programmer by Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho

Japan by Sandrine Replat

Necron Lord by Igor Heras

Necron Lord by Denis Zilber

Polly by Ben Hickling

Sythril by Saeed Jalabi

3d Arts

at peace by jonathan ball

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Lesha Kurbatov

Artwork by Pat Perry

Portrait N1 by R. Morales


Voyager typography by Christophe Barneau

Daft Life by Joey Camacho

SubTone Posters Second Serie by Jarr Geerligs


MTS Telecommunications: Granny by JWT

Porzellanklinik Duesseldorf: Porcelain Clinic by Ogilvy & Mather

Solpadeine: Skateboard by Ogilvy & Mather


House Haller by Haller Jürgen and Peter Plattner

Do-Lo-Rez Sofa by Haller Jürgen and Ron Arad


Qosmio F750 3D by Toshiba

Sportive training watch by VEA




Shine by iconeden

Download Icons


JAMIE WOON “LADY LUCK” by vincent haycock


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