Daily Inspirations no. 215

Basically, there are two types of artists. The first group joins those, who do their best to depict forms and shapes of the real world as much closer to reality as possible (this team includes photographers, portrait- or landscape-painters, etc.). Artists of the second type, driven by different ideas and concepts, are not satisfied with the reality and apply all their talent and skills to create something absolutely unique, something you will never be able to see in reality. In this case, a photographer, for example, may start experimenting with photo manipulation or digital image post-processing, and a painter may become a true follower of ideas of symbolism, cubism, and other similar art movements. However, both types of artists and resulting art are equally important for ensuring stable development of the human culture, and this statement can hardly be objected… Every day Cruzine offers sets of inspirational art works, among which you can enjoy both types of art – realistic and fictional.


Free Fallin by Thomas Hawk

Dreaming by Jorge Maia

Curiosity by Henrik Spranz

Giraffes Necking by Marina Cano

Pez Group by Nick Nacca

Trail Running California Coast by Martin Sundberg

Wild Buffalo by John Harris

Photo by Robert Jaso


The god of doom by ZEZ zhaoenzhe

Out of Bounds by Fernando Porcel

The rider of La Mancha by Fernando Garcia

Factory by Markus Lovadina

Flying dreams by jing zhang

3d Arts

at peace by jonathan ball

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Hanna Muller

Artwork by Lesha Kurbatov

Artwork by Pat Perry

romacoma by Dina Linnik

Breakcore by Roma Skripchenko

The Core Of A Neutron Star (New Work) by Amrei Hofstätter


WU-TANG CLAN KILLA B’S by Like Minded Studio

13 by Am I Collective

Eniac Pro Font / Official Classic by HypeForType


CNN: Putin by Ddb&co

Department Of Tourism Philippines: Limestone by DDB Dm9jaymesyfu

Banco Occidental De Descuento: Wrestlers, Shoes by Creatia Publicidad


Villa 3S by LOVE Architecture

CONSTANTIN by Andrea Claire Studio


370Z GT Edition by Nissan

Wii U by Nintendo




MIMBO by Darren Hoyt

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Nightsurf by Iker Elorrieta


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