Beautiful Landscapes for Inspiration, Meditation, and Relaxation

Beautiful Landscapes for Inspiration, Meditation, and Relaxation

People, who live in large cities among thousands of fuming vehicles, squeezed between tons of concrete, steel, and asphalt, usually feel highest excitement, when they appear in absolutely different environment, such as field, forest, mountain, or just some rural community. Those, for whom wall conditioner is the only source of fresh air, who see soil mainly in the form of bagged substrate for growing room plants, and for whom sparkling of the stars at night is always overshadowed by the glowing neon of city lights, know the true value and beauty of calmness, silence, and serenity of the wild or countryside natural landscapes.

It is interesting to note that not only live landscapes are capable to sooth the heart, fill body with vigor and soul with inspiration. Photographs, depicting urban landscapes, marine sceneries, mountains, forests, or waterfalls, are also mighty, when it is necessary to remove stress, recharge human internal resources, and simply provide a source of aesthetic satisfaction for a human. The collection of such beautiful landscapes is presented today at Cruzine – our online magazine, which has already gained thousands of friends among the professionals and enthusiasts, interested in all the forms of visual art, design, and creative inspiration.

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