Daily Inspirations no. 213

You must have already got used to finding your inspiration in photography showcases, published at the Cruzine magazine daily. However, aside of photography there are many other sources of inspiration, such as 3D art, typography, architecture, etc.; furthermore, not rarely inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. For example, have a look at the advertising concepts to promote innovations of Ford and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Tons of fresh inspiration can also be found over the Internet from the specialized websites, and today we want to direct our readers to one of them, called HUH. And, of course, how deeply inspired we become when somebody gives us some gift. Today Cruzine magazine also offers you a gift – free stock vector icon set full of really cute and professionally made icons with predominating deep green color theme.


Monolith by Marsel van Oosten

Elephant On The Edge by Marsel van Oosten

Am I cute enough for you? by Morkel Erasmus

Asymmetric Congruent Polygons by Iain Gilmour

Horses by Marcus Hausser

Masai Warrior by Michal Venera

Redwood Awesomeness by Kevin Steele


Death of a Clown… by Mathias Kollros

Edge of the World by ZEZ zhaoenzhe

Madmen Laughing by Reynan Sanchez

Sammy the pilot by Rodrigo A. Branco

Quantum – God of Gravity by Fernando Porcel

3d Arts

Street Fighter III: Ryu and Hugo – Video game 3D illustration by Victor Hugo Queiroz

Turtle Barbarian by Jesse Sandifer

Videogame Battle Scene Wallpaper by Unknown

Art and Digital Art

Thanks To Energy Drink He Can Fly by Dumenil Nicolas

Famous Faces by Neues Publishing Group

Artwork by Shintaro Ohata

Artwork by myiu14

Artwork by Hanna Muller



Frame B by Zim And Zou

Play & Fluo by Pablo Alfieri


Ford: Woodcutters by JWT

Mercedes-Benz: Traffic Sign Speed by Scholz & Friends

AirWick: Bee by Euro RSCG


JE House by Humberto Hermeto

Paisley Chair by Vito Selma


Eee Pad MeMO 3D by ASUS

Whaletone Piano by Robert Majkut


HUH. Magazine


Milky – A free stock vector iconset by IconEden

Download Icons


TOCA ME 2008 / Beyond Surface by Dvein


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