Body in Motion

Our life is a bunch of events, and each of them causes emotional response in our bodies. There are times when we want to jump in happiness, scream from anger, or frown from sadness; there are times when we are fast and vigorous to live our lives; and there are moments when we are depressed by the grief… Our behavior always depends on our state of mind, which is so vulnerable and changeable. And all the diversity of shades our state of mind can have is usually called “emotions”. They occur spontaneously and do not involve any conscious effort. Some of our emotions can last for years, while others appear just for seconds.

That is the fleetingness of our emotions which makes them so interesting and intriguing for the representatives of creative professions. They are always attentive to details, and they always try to mimic and render them in their works. Photography is one of the creative arts, which can effectively capture the most vivid moments of genuine human emotions, which, as you will see in our today showcase, can be read not only via facial expressions, but in body motion as well. Joy, passion, eagerness, satisfaction, grace, yearning, fun, mysteriousness, unrest – everything can be found at the images collected in our today showcase “Body in Motion”. What other emotions can you read there? Let us know!

Lets Dance 10 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 9 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 8 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 6 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 1 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 2 by Joel Skingle

Lets Dance 5 by Joel Skingle

Trapeze Artist by David Alquézar

**** by Ronnie Boehm

Levitation by Hendra Lesmana

Shao by Ramil Izmailov

Up by Josh Smith

Thai Way by vokeng Prateep Duangkaew

Space Bound by JevonDerrick Quade

be Schweppy Beatz by Peter Werle

in fog by Elena Suvorova

Untitled by Andy Teo

Dance by yu gwanseon

Butterfly Swimmer by Doug Webb

Long Jump Landing by Doug Webb

feel the sound by Peter Werle

Jannie in da House by Peter Werle

have fun and jump by Peter Werle

Extreme Kiteboarding by Mario Moreno

Fly Over You … by Mario Moreno

Fetish Kick by Magistus Photography

Can’t Stop Gotta Fly by Andy Teo

Angela by Alexander Tserkasevich

The School Run by Tony Dudley

Thai Elephan by vokeng Prateep Duangkaew

Perfect Timing by Julian Wagner

I got u! by AREN CHOU

Capoeira by Novecento

zoi by jappie

Ante by Rudi Kokic

LIGHT JUMPER by Thomas Holtkoetter

Roof Jumpers by MaXu

Emptiness by Shazeen Samad

The Match by Kevin W. Plaxco

Skyhigh by Harry van der Veen

Falling away by Shazeen Samad

Jump by TyBo

Playful Hours by Shazeen Samad

Marion Jump by Exod

Playful Hours by Shazeen Samad


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