Visiting the Zoo of Animals Logo Designs

Here, at Cruzine, we have already discussed common use of the animalistic theme in multiple forms of the modern design; and today we want to show you one more field of practical design application, where animals are commonly featured. Logo design offers so many interesting and artfully perfect examples of graphical works, where animal images are used as part of the visual design for business identification. With the help of a particular animal image, logo designer can highlight and underline certain motifs in the logo design, make it look friendly or reserved, funny or serious, wise or strong, depending on the requirements of the project.

Lions & Lambs Logo by Gareth Hardy

Hindukusch – Identity by Robinsson Cravents

Metrio Coffee Visual Identity by Robinsson Cravents

Logolicious by Ivan Manolov

Logolicious by Ivan Manolov

Logos-BS-11.1 by Bernd Mirbach

Logos-BS-11.1 by Bernd Mirbach

Logos-BS-11.1 by Bernd Mirbach

Logos-BS-11.1 by Bernd Mirbach

Logos & Signs . 2005-2010 by Bernd Mirbach

Logos & Signs 1 by Lorena Mirbach

Logos 08 by Kostadin Kostadinov

Logos by Smart

Dallas Vigilantes by CCG

Vern’s Soulfood and Ribs by CCG

BearNote Systems by CCG

Rhode Island Hawks Basketball by CCG

EXPORTOWE by umbra

bioferma by umbra

Tour Alliance by designer

RAMM by Mikeymike

OktaFox by Logomotive

First steps by ru_ferret

Uncle Fox by sbdesign

Hvoost by ArtDemix

Fishinglife by sbdesign

scaffold worker by ArtDemix

Pet Groomerie U by jvogel

Inkbird by nickhood

Marian V1 by VERGad

Krolik by midgar

Sitting Duck by Jerron Ames

Expo Riviera Maya 2007 by FRONT:

Hipco by Brandsanity

RiverJet by Maquinahria Projects

ShopDog by Bazilio

Wired Life by lion king

Lloyd fish 4 by designer

Art Eagle by alexmark

Waterside Logo by JuanBarrera


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