Daily Inspirations no. 210

It goes without saying that a person does his work better if he likes it, if he is properly rewarded for it, and if he is in good mood. To improve the last aspect, we would like to offer you our today set of inspirational images. Photography, digital art, illustrations, all the possible creative design works – they all make the entity we call art, the importance of which for us is really hard to overestimate. And the most interesting thing about artistic works is that they often affect us differently, depending on what we really need at this or that moment. If we are anxious, they can soothe our jangled nerves; if we are tired, they can give us the powerful energy charge; if we are upset, they are definitely capable of raising our spirits… No matter what you need right at this moment, we hope you can find it in our daily inspirational set.


The silence of Lo River by Frank Dang

Cham oldman by Frank Dang

Photo by Robert Jaso

Photo by Robert Jaso

Photo by m1kikey

Photo by Suren Manvelyan

My China by iNsight.u

Photo by Jean Slavin


Artwork by Tuomas Korpi

Artwork by Tuomas Korpi

Artwork by Denis Zilber

Hookah card for restaurant White Rabbit by province

Get a Life by Guido Risoli

3d Arts

Moksha, God of Salvation by Adrien Debos

Giant by Jason Lin

Once upon a time… by Gustavo Groppo

Art and Digital Art

The Core Of A Neutron Star (New Work) by Amrei Hofstätter

The Art of Negative Space. by Tang Yau Hoong

Love poster by Sofía Andrade

Agony aunt column illustrations by Neil Webb


experimental font by Yulia Moschinetskaya

Mossy alphabet by Ooli Mos



Gatos: Knives by Z

Febreze: Celebrity’s Dog by Grey

Rowenta Hair Styling Appliance: Your hair is you, 1 by Publicis Bold


Form Follows Function Sofa by Daan Mulder

The Amada Bench by Matthias Pliessnig


Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle by SoloTrek

Personal Aerial Vehicle by myCopter




LapOfLuxury WordPress Theme by designdisease

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Steel Life by Mateusz Zdziebko & Patryk Kizny


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