Birds Life As We Know It

All the designers as well as those, who just feel distinct attraction towards any kinds of art and aesthetics, know that there is no more talented and more skillful artist than the Nature. Do you need some valid evidences, proving such statement? If so, we are inviting you to our today’s featured showcase of bird photographs. Indeed, birds with their pure gracefulness in movements, amazing coloring, which represents the entire spectrum of colors that a human eye can see, and variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances, can really demonstrate the genius of the Nature in full.

While animals live on the ground, and water is home for all kinds of fishes, air as one of the four key elements on planet Earth entirely belongs to birds. Today we want to show you the snapshots of life from that separate yet integral part of the Earth ecosystem. You will be able to see birds in all their beauty, to enjoy fantastic colors and shades combinations mixed by the Nature, and even to peep into the most sacred aspects of the birds’ life, such as mating dances and feeding of the nestlings.

Pink-footed Shearwater (Puffinus creatopus) by György Szimuly

Power Builder by Ian Weatherburn

pelicans bring the day by lisa’s backyard

Canada Geese at Dawn by Marinovich Wildlife

Spotted Flycatcher by Franco Mottironi

Peeping Tom by Megan Lorenz

Snowy Owls Look by Rob McKay

Raptors In-Flight Alberta Canada by Rob McKay

Bat in Night. by Sasi – smit

Do Hear Something??? by Donna Shreck

Drop It, Please … Drop It !!! by Buck Shreck

Blue Heron with fish by Bob Zeller

Tossing a catch by Kiran Ghadge

White-breasted Cormorant by Rudi van den Heever

Flying Into The Wind by Kirk Norbury

Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glareola) by György Szimuly

Favorite menu by Non Bangkapi

Changeable Hawk-Eagle by Sasi – smit

The Murder and the Crow by Matt Hansen

City Dove by Malcolm MacGregor

Juvenile Black Eagle by Hendri Venter

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater by Mital Patel

Stork by maximopanes

Intrusive by Marina Cano

Indian Roller by Mital Patel

Ministry of Silly Walks by Roeselien Raimond

White-browed Fantail by Mital Patel

Greylag Goose by Mital Patel

Common Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula) by György Szimuly

The duck who posed for a picture. by Kevin Xolio

The Golden Evening by Tejas Soni

I’m Watching you by Nora Carol Sahinun

Don’t laugh at me! by Michael Skelton

Prewed Dancing by Fabianus Hendrawan

Frozen moment by Joaquín Arellano

And He Will Rise by Lee Daniels

Having Lunch by Jude Haase

Tufted Puffin’s Stare by Eric Vogt

Rawr I’m a vulture by Tobias Gustafsson

Woodland Singer by Richard Steel

Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) by György Szimuly

Smooth Operator by Jimmy

Falcon by Christopher Schneider

Vole Hunter by Richard Steel

Bald Eagle – On Black by George Wheelhouse

Landing in Autumn by Eric Vogt

*** by Tat’yana Zherebtsova

Osprey and catch by Alfred Forns

Off With The Goods by Buck Shreck

listen me ! by Prachit Punyapor

Head on by Jules Cox

Fish face by Simon Litten

The perfect dive by Jules Cox

At First Light by Jules Cox

Masons at Work by John Haig

Cock Fight by John Haig


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