Daily Inspirations no. 208

Rise and shine sleepy heads! It’s a brand new day, and the world of art is waiting for you everywhere: it’s a whimsical ornament in your morning omelette; it’s a twisted tree by the roadside; it’s a cloud resembling a fiercely open mouth of a dinosaur; finally, it’s an artistic mess of papers on your worktable. Art is also on the pages of Cruzine magazine – your favorite Internet resource of designing ideas and contemporary art, and your freebies supply. Let’s start with tuning your mind in to the creative mode with the help of our daily set of inspirational images, which include various categories and present versatile works, which can serve different purposes. You are welcome to observe illustrations, photography, architecture, digital and 3D arts, typography and so on – all the stuff you have already got used to. So let’s go about letting the art into your souls!


fly by Dusan Beno

flight #33 by Kyle Morris

Untitled by Raphael Guarino

Photo by Robert Jaso

Photo by Robert Jaso

Photo by Eddie O’Bryan

Photo by Anna Ådén

Photo by Kees Veenenbos


Ella by David REVOY

Artwork by Denis Zilber

Artwork by Maxim Kostenko

Artwork by Tuomas Korpi

Artwork by Tuomas Korpi

Artwork by Nanohikakou

3d Arts

Faceballs by Ben Hartnett

Viking by Pedro Conti

Small Town by mohammad abu_ebia

Art and Digital Art

converge | depart by teagan white

STAIN by Masato Kato

Accelerator series by James Roper


Typo Graphic Design by Andrei D. Robu

The Lollipop Shoppe (Typeface) by Hamish Makgill



Liza Salad Dressings: Cow by Talent

Listerine: Burger by JWT

Beate Uhse TV: Child Lock, Ostrich by Kempertrautmann


The Spurt Lounge Chair by Paulsberg

The Royale Armchair by Beaverhausen


NUDA 900 R streetbike by Husqvarna

I’m Watch by Blue Sky s.r.l.


The Bazaar


40+ Awesome Textured Icons by Gopal Raju

Download Icons


RESONANCE by Resonance


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