Daily Inspirations no. 207

A daily set of inspirational creative arts images at Cruzine has probably become practically an inherent part of a day for many of us, just like a cup of invigorating coffee in the morning. The diverse images collected here help brace everyone who visits our resource and stimulate not just the physical powers, but the topical flight as well. Even if your work has nothing to do with design and art, it is certainly pleasant and soothing to contemplate the artistic works of the gifted contemporary designers and absorb the unique perception of the world by these uncommon artists. These images are not just about aesthetics and beauty – they are also the dreams of the future; they are the visual representation of emotions; they are the mirrors reflecting the controversial and sometimes incomprehensible world around us.


UnderNight by Benoit Paillé

Free Spirits by Rob Woodcox

Thaipusam by Emilia Lloret

52 Weeks with Rui Silva by Tiago Ribeiro

MARINA by Frederico Martins

Vieira de Leiria – Fishermen by Ricardo Rodrigues da Silva


Death Strike by Blaz Porenta

Homo homini lupus by Corrado Vanelli

Old World by Dana Daukshta

Chronominater-Krynne by Thitipon Dicruen

war by Xueguo Yang

3d Arts

I smell something burning by Darko Vučenik

Khashamolla by Mohamed Abdelfatah

Art and Digital Art

Various work 07 by Kilian Eng

Silly Parade by Rita Isabel

Various Illustrations I by Matthew Wade

odyssey by Axl Depique

Illogical logic. by Danielle Tunstall

my dream by elahe farzi

Back to Basics by Zim And Zou


Globe family by Txaber

Typography by Scott Wheeler

Bedsheet Typography by Bravo Company


Alt for damene: Little Black Dress by Kitchen

T-Mobile: Let your machines communicate, 3 by Publicis

Sojourner Family Peace Center: Fists, 3 by Cramer-Krasselt


WOOPY Armchair and Barstool by Karim Rashid

Fossa by Aurélien Barbry


iPhone 5 Concept by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio

Hydralamp by Balint Tamasi




Pelangi by dapurpixel

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Sur le Quai by Savoir Faire


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