Action Photography – Moment, Freeze!

A goalkeeper jump in an effort to catch the ball in soccer, a splash of water, a surfer’s rapid move on the very crest of the wave, a strike of a boxer – such actions take only seconds or even fractions of a single second, allowing absolutely no chances for a human vision to discern all the details of the action itself. Furthermore, just one blink of an eye is sometimes enough to miss some really interesting and important actions, happening around us. So, what do we do in such situations? Fortunately, the solution has been found and today technology and photography in particular is capable to fill in the gap, where human sight is just not the best tool to see what we want to see.

Today we have brought here a bunch of action photographs – images, where actions are captured still, so that we could enjoy the full view of the very essence of a particular action. Such pictures you will hardly be able to observe in reality, so enjoy now and here, at Cruzine magazine, the views, which usually are too fast for us to notice. Action photography is a very special form of photographic art. It requires both a camera and a photographer to perform at their most in order to achieve the goal and create a picture, which would cause an exclamations like “Wow! That is exactly what they mean by action photography.”

Heroes by Nick Rudnicki

Action Photography by Jack Boyd

Portfolio: Sports by Robby Milo

people by Alberto Novoa

Jeff Weatherall: Wakeboards and Parachutes by Dean Bradshaw

Winter by Clemens Ascher

Firefighters by John Paul Camacho

In the action by Matt Bird

Waterfight by Steve Carty

Ocean by Matthew O’Brien

If you think your hard enough by John Ferguson

Photography (Sports) by Stuart Thursby

The Science of 8 Limbs: Muay Thai by Dean Bradshaw

Splash In The Face by Barry Scott

Sports and Action Photography by Jeffrey Rease

Harold Lee Miller: In Motion by TheWorkbook

capoeira by Willy Suwandhi

Bull Ride by Ralph Meznar

The red mile by A.G. photographe

Full Throttle : Chapter 2 by FrankBa

Children & sport: Attack by Jaroslav Gutek

Joyous by Vishal Sabharwal

Fit for Flight by MORTIS

Knock out by Mikhail Kristev

Rescue Mission by Roy Samuelsen

For Country by Wings

Deep Breath by Tony D

Norwegian Coast Guard by Roy Samuelsen

Riding His Luck by Cannockwolf

Photo by Pironski

Volvo Amazon by Tony D

Fisherman by ErolAYYILDIZ

Photo by Romain Rhéau

Hope by ErolAYYILDIZ

Hope by

Whitetail Express by John Haig

Symbiotic Relationship by Morkel Erasmus

Oops by Marsel van Oosten

Desert Choreography by Marsel van Oosten

Training day by Andy Rouse

Run by Sasi – smit

black rhino cgarge by peter delaney

Rockhopper Showering by Will & Matt Burrard-Lucas

Untitled by Olya BIK

Untitled by Olya BIK

Rain Dancer – Streetparade by Stephan Brauchli


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