Daily Inspirations no. 206

For millions of people summer is the best time to enjoy the living – having vacations, spending holidays at the open air, taking trips, and so on. All the advantages the sun offers to us become fully accessible in summer: we enjoy hot air and comfortably warm and refreshing water; we can leave the burden of warm clothes at home and take pleasure in wearing beautiful and sexy dresses… There are lots of things we can do in summer, and enjoying art is one of them. Moreover, this is actually the activity, which is equally well-timed in any season. So we welcome you to bathe in the pond of modern art images collected carefully in our daily inspirational set. We really hope they will encourage you on living your life to the full, on taking new ways, and not missing your chances and opportunities in life.


Photo by Antonella Arismendi

Photo by Antonella Arismendi

Photo by Antonella Arismendi

Photo by Rob MacInnis

Photo by sqooex

Photo by Antonina Dolani

Photo by Antonina Dolani


Sea Rising by Blaz Porenta

Scratches in the dark by Corrado Vanelli

Hecate by Bing Xiao

Ancient voices by Dana Daukshta

Ratatosk by Daniel Lieske

3d Arts

Concept Phone Open by Neil O’Donnell

Mister Box by Darko Vučenik

Semeda and The Spaceship by Mohamed Abdelfatah

Art and Digital Art

Linden & Blocks – Empires Ep (HZN042EP) by Sig Vicious

&,&,& by teagan white

LIGHT BEYOND SOUND by Tatiana Plakhova

color flowers by Ela Zubrowska

MSCED by Marius Roosendaal


typography by Karol Gadzala

typography by Stefan Chinof

typography by Fontfabric


Manpower: Sahar by The Martin Agency

France Galop: Monster by Prodeo/Y&R

Ford Environmental Conservation Award: Monkey by JWT


Strasbourg Cathedral by Axis Mundi

Corsica Chair by Ian Spencer and Cairn Young


ABC Keyboard by Iaroslav Neliubov

Go-Kart 2 by Beau Designs


Background Labs


OneNote WordPress Theme by designdisease

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Across the city by bikertambov


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