You Haven’t Seen That Kind of Art Before, Have You?

We have had a pretty long discussion here in the office of Cruzine magazine today on how to choose a title for the showcase we have just prepared. Steampunk, shock art, contemporary art installations, or maybe simply photo manipulations? As the result we have decided to take a Solomon’s decision and let you, our readers, guess how to categorize or describe the images, you will see below. So, get ready for something really unusual, sometimes shocking, but mostly amusing, with clear traces of some art trends, though it will not be that easy to identify the particular art movements and schools into which these works fit the best.

There is one thing we can say for sure. This showcase is a kind of an ode to the modern or better to say contemporary art diversity. Here you will see how an empty box of Twinings Tea can be transformed into a design masterpiece with the help of some wire and a couple of old resistors. An elephant standing on his trunk is also here. Cubes made of gears… Ok, what’s a point of enumerating the images or trying to describe them verbally here – it is much better to let you see everything with your own eyes. So, go ahead. We bet you haven’t seen that kind of art before… or, if you are our regular reader, maybe you already have?

Curling Players by Fabrice Le Nezet


Hedgehog of Death ( prototype leather sculpture ) by IC4DESIGN

Yellow by Nathan Sawaya

Little Warrior by Lina Al Amoudi

Bugs Boney, Mickey Mort and the broken heart by Johannes Baptista Ludwig

New Work by Andy Hixon

Briegel by Luca Zampriolo

Darth vader by Bellino Alain

Gatekeeper by DXTR

PENCILHEADS – CICERO MAGAZINE by Augusto Moreno dos Anjos

The older I grow, the more I find myself alone. by David Teter

Follow the leader by Isaac Cordal


Snails 3 and 4 out of 33 by Afsaneh

Quebec Winter Carnival I by Thomas Michel


Chill by Mary Anne Enriquez

Organibot by Legohaulic

MARS ATTACKS! by Carmen Martínez Torrón

come my tiny metal children by francisco delatorre

you light up my life by roy_angeles

Würsa (18 000 Km from earth) by shadycam

Twinings by David Lipson

Swine Flu by Chuck Coker

Snow Sculpture by Boy_Wonder

Gears by Tim Duckett

Reykjavik’s Sólfar (Sun Voyager) by Sergio Amiti

Traveling Man by Matt Clarkson

Fallen by Shain Erin

lighthouse sticks stones contemplation by Norman Sherfield

Cement eclipses by Isaac Cordal

three dragons by yewenyi

Shanghai – Money Magnet by Markus Bahlmann

Leviathan ~ Robot Sculpture by Tinkerbots


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