Daily Inspirations no. 205

The times when one could find art only in the artists’ studios and galleries have passed long ago. Today art is much closer and easier accessible for us. Actually, art is everywhere: on the streets of the cities you can find the examples of the so-called street art and graffiti, in the magazines you can enjoy marvelous photographs and amazing illustrations, modern architecture also has a lot to do with art, and even advertising posters and big boards are often filled with art elements, such as photo manipulations, typography, etc. Still, Internet is, perhaps, the richest art gallery today – you can find huge amounts of creative works from all the possible art forms here. Cruzine magazine is also part of the Internet, where the concentration of art is at most, because visual arts and designs are our passion, and our goal is to share that passion with our readers.


Photo by Simon Scott

Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by Teresa Queirós

Photo by nononoyes

Photo by Alain Barbezat

Photo by Kelly Castro

Photo by James Christopher


Deaths Dance by Blaz Porenta

The Snake Master by Kevin Dart

Puppies by Corrado Vanelli

Dragon And Castle by Richard Jordan

Smell from Blood! by Bing Xiao

3d Arts

I shot the sheriff by Olivier Cannone

Homesick by Andrius Balciunas

Art and Digital Art

Illustration by Julia Gukova

I Seek Images That Don’t Exist by Unknown

Artwork by Nadia Lazizi

Sucker for Soccer by Zoran Lucić

Illustration Portfolio Volume One by Miguel Manzur

James Cameron’s Avatar – The Game by Peter Jaworowski


WHIF’01 by Txaber

Index typography by Txaber

Type! by Txaber


Calorilight: Burger by Euro RSCG 360

Land Rover Defender: Passport by RKCR/Y&R

CrediScotia: Hands, 2 by TBWA


Jimmy Connors Tennis Center in the UAE by Foundation Architecture & Design

Husk by Patricia Urquiola


Fujitsu concept by Ma Yiwei and Tao Ying

Genie by Jiyoun Kim


HUH. magazine


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Beet cake by tiger in a jar


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