Creative Typography Highlights

Typography initially appeared to serve only one purpose – to distribute knowledge and information among people through at first handwritten and then printed books. Over time the functions of typography evolved and diversified. Today typography is commonly perceived not only as one of the practical techniques in publishing industry, but also as a powerful, rich in creativity and authentic aesthetics form of visual art. At the beginning books were the only media for typography application. Later they were joined by newspapers, magazines, advertising printed materials, and at the most recent time – by the Internet or online applications.

However, art is a very specific form of human activity. Once claimed to be art, typography faced many new challenges – font designers had to demonstrate that by manipulating the appearance of characters from a particular alphabet they can create truly art masterpiecesoriginal, attractive, and with clear marks of artist’s talent and skillfulness. Typography has successfully passed the test, and today it is even difficult to define what is prevailing in modern typography: pre-defined technology or free art. Typography can exist on its own, but very often modern designers implant font elements into other forms of arts, such as photography or illustrations. As the results, we have true masterpieces of modern graphic art to enjoy, such as those presented in the showcase below.

Love Letters by Hugo XESTA Moura

My Untitled Typeface by Einar Guðmundsson

Logos by Jean Baptiste Gouraud

Hugh Lane/Francis Bacon Exhibition. by Andrew Walsh

Hey you by Andrea ga

Assoterd Logo Designs by Martijn Rijven

Serifa Typographic Poster by Emmet Farrell

Miscelaneas by Manuela Tommasone

Quenched branding / Digital Arts tutorial by Charles Williams


Under Construction by Carmelaine Antonio


Time Keeper by Oscar Merchant

Just Evolve X Nike SB “LACED” by Oscar Merchant

Make posters by Yo studio

To Sleep poster by Akos Polgardi

3D Typography by Kenan Nesibov

Sabadell Agenda Jove, maig 2011 by Enric And Destroy

It Gets Better by Randall Church

Invasion by Moe Pike Soe

typography red heart by Faizan Bhatti

Typography Mania #86 by PicStroom


Solo Vivo Por Voss by BLOP-DG

Motion Graphic! by BLOP-DG

Good Type by Martina Flor

GEEK by Markus Tsang

Love Typography by Orlando Aquije

elliott by John Christenson

Type Ctba 2 by Jackson Alves

Who’s your type? by Jackson Alves

Café&Prosa by Jackson Alves

Good Type by Martina Flor

Head In The Clouds by Jay Roeder


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